Product Verifier single product scanner

Scan and pick individual products fully automatically
Product Verifier with single product scanning from SSI SCHAEFER belongs to the Product Identification family. The combination of the fully automated Product Verifier picking system and the Product Identification enables efficient single product picking and scanning as per directives governing the tracking and tracing of pharmaceutical products.

After the single products have been transferred from the chute machines to the collection conveyor, they are aligned and scanned on all six sides by highly sensitive cameras. Possible read errors are marked and the corresponding containers automatically guided to an inspection station. Depending on the order structure, the system is capable of scanning up to 10,000 articles per hour.

Product Verifier with single product scanning is many times faster than conventional manual scanning. In addition, the system also enables fully-automated documentation of batch numbers, expiry dates and serial numbers. The SSI SCHAEFER Product Identification solutions enable rapid, efficient and high-quality order picking. At the same time, the Product Identification can also be perfectly integrated into existing warehouses.

Benefit from our extensive international experience, gained from a vast number of projects together with the benefits of a complete solution from a single source.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Fully automated documentation of batch numbers, expiry dates and serial numbers

  • Trackable and error-free picking

  • Primarily used in the healthcare and cosmetics markets

  • Fulfills the legal requirements governing tracking and tracing with a scan rate of at least 99.5%

  • Throughput of up to 10,000 articles/hour

  • Conveying speed of up to 2.2 m/s

  • Same day and next day delivery

  • Easy integration into existing warehouses