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Cantilever platform or mezzanine rack systems

Depending on your requirement profile needs, SSI SCHAEFER manufactures cantilevered platform or mezzanine rack systems.

With racking platforms, either platform alleys are installed between the rows of racks or complete platform surfaces are installed on the rack systems. This enables SSI SCHAEFER’s shelving, dynamic flow racks and pallet racking to function optimally as support systems which spread the load evenly across floors with low weight capacity ratings . This is a typical design wherever picking represents the majority of the work and/or conveying systems are required.

SSI SCHAEFER systems can be expanded to any desired length or width and can be adapted to a variety of different loads and on-site requirements. Platforms can also be designed as multi-level systems, as you require. Our comprehensive accessories portfolio consists of a range of support layouts and profiles, railings, transfer locations, floor coverings, stairs, and stair railings along with the complete lighting system.