Workstation with semi-open fronted containers with touch panel and pick-by-light

Steel panel containers

Robust steel container systems for heavy transport and storage loads

SSI SCHAEFER’s steel containers are the ideal solution for transporting and storing heavy goods such as cast and forged parts. Heavily reinforced sidewalls and bracketed construction ensure a high load capacity. In addition, SSI SCHAEFER manufactures the containers using especially strong floor designs. Naturally, the steel panel containers can also be stacked: reinforced feet along with solid supporting and stacking edges guarantee safe stacking.

Customized versions specially designed to meet your needs

We are happy to modify our designs to your specific needs. Upon request, we also manufacture steel panel containers with customized sizes. In addition, SSI SCHAEFER also offers you a comprehensive range of accessories including lockable covers, partitions, and pallet trucks.


  • Suitable for transporting and storing heavy goods

  • Painted or galvanized designs

  • High load capacity thanks to reinforced sidewalls and bracket design

  • Strong floor

  • Low empty weight

  • Safe stacking as a result of reinforced feet and solid support and stacking edges

  • Available in various sizes to meet your specific requirements (customized sizes)

  • Comprehensive range of accessories

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