LTB container with vacuum-formed insert

Thermoformed dunnage

Thermoformed dunnage for manual or automated handling
Products often have to be transported long distances safely and cost-effectively. Custom-designed dunnage represents the ideal solution when used for deep-drawing processes. SSI SCHAEFER manufactures thermoformed dunnage suitable for both manual and automated handling. In contrast to plastic injection molded dunnage, you benefit from the fact that thermoformed dunnage enables the container to be reused when the parts change.

Special vacuum deep-drawing process
Thermoforming is a vacuum deep-drawing process where plastic panels are drawn over an aluminum die. The material heats up and can be shaped. A vacuum is generated and draws the panel across the die. After the forming process, the piece can be reworked or refined, depending on your requirements.

Highly cost-efficient
Aluminum tools are less expensive and faster to manufacture than injection molded tools because they are subjected to less stress. The plastic panels can be manufactured using different material qualities (PS, ABS, PP) and ESD designs are also possible. As a consequence, the material quality can be perfectly adapted to match the requirements of the articles and the process.


  • Suitable for manual and automated handling

  • The highest precision for product positioning

  • Special vacuum deep-drawing process

  • Diverse designs (PS, ABS, PP)

  • Complete, one-stop packaging solutions

  • Manufacturer and developer competence

  • Comprehensive expertise

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