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Efficient and space saving solutions for tire storage in workshops or warehouses
Tire storage is efficient if it is optimally designed for the conditions on site. Benefit from the space-saving, flexible, and safe tire storage solutions from SSI SCHÄFER.
Within SSI SCHAEFER’s offer you will find different options for storage of tires and wheels for any situation and location. Our modular systems provide virtually endless possibilities for creating a custom layout with the possibility of expanding it in the future if needed. 
We are happy to advise you on the best type of tire storage for your business model and premises. If you wish to optimize your warehouse organization, you can also reduce your space requirements by up to 50% with the storage locator system from SSI SCHAEFER. We implement customized and, above all, safe and functional systems with the highest efficiency.


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In this standard, single-deep system version, four tires are stored next to one another in one single-deep shelve. A more efficient solution is to store the wheels in pairs in double-deep shelving, i.e. two wheels are stored behind one another in one shelf. Single and double deep rack systems can also be installed as a mobile version, manually or electrically driven.

Tyre Rack

In our quad-deep, dynamic racks, the tires of a set are accommodated conveniently in a row, one behind the other, in one tire channel, saving space and allowing for ergonomical removal. This type of storage combines live storage technology and standard shelving. The tires in the black roll forward into an easy-access position each time the first tire is taken out.

Mobile Racking Pictures

The mobile rack system requires only one service aisle to be open at any time one time, as the shelving units are placed on mobile bases and aisles can be created as needed by shunting. An increase in valuable storage capacity of up to 85% for single-tier installations and over 100% for multi-tier installations is possible with this method.

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All stationary systems can also be implemented as an integrated building solution with complete roof and wall covering (silo design). Here we rely on decades of experience in high-bay racking and have a large number of reference projects.


Efficient tire storage

Reference projects and solutions

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