Depot containers

Steel containers for clever waste disposal and recycling collection

Whether glass, paper, leather, vinyl or plastic, residual waste or electrical scrap, our depot containers made of galvanized steel panels can simultaneously collect up to three different materials in one container. A self-closing flap has been integrated to the openings to protect against fire emergence and water ingress.

Benefit from the highly economical solutions and rapid and easy emptying with efficient single-person operation, using the proven SSI SCHAEFER system.

Single-chamber and multi-chamber system

Our single-chamber system collects one type of waste in the depot container. This is highly recommended at locations involving large quantities of a single type of waste. In contrast, the multi-chamber system cleanly separates the waste types. Partitions divide the container into two or three chambers and in addition, the modular base system enables partitions to be retrofitted at any time.


Rapid, simple, safe, and cost-effective

Benefit from up to a 66% performance improvement when using depot container systems from SSI SCHAEFER in comparison to other depot containers! For you this means that SSI SCHAEFER depot containers can be emptied 20 times per hour in comparison to 12 times per hour for standard depot containers.

Our sound insulation also exceeds the standards. Defined by the German Federal Environmental Agency, the noise emissions when glass bottles are thrown into our containers is below the Class 1 noise limit. . That is why our system is rated as “low noise”. We achieve this by fitting the containers with an elastic flap cover made of rubber, foam coatings on all side walls and floor, a sound absorption method in the roof section and a plastic-covered fall arrester.

In addition, SSI SCHAEFER’s proven Grumbach system guarantees additional noise reduction on removal trucks during the intervening process. The optimum insertion depth of the container ensures that it is emptied quietly and near to the ground.


  • Rapid and easy emptying with efficient single-person operation

  • Container sizes: 1.6 m3, 3.2 m3, and 5.0 m3

  • Robust and durable: “Quality, made in Germany”, made of emerging galvanized steel panels, with optional additional paint finish

  • Modular base system enables quick retrofitting at any time: Depot containers can be divided into two or three chambers using partitions, enabling one container to simultaneously collect up to three types of waste

  • Greater efficiency: SSI SCHAEFER depot containers can be emptied 20 times per hour in comparison to 12 times per hour for standard depot containers

  • Corner reflectors and stickers for labeling the materials

  • Self-closing flap on the openings protect against fire emergence and water ingress

  • Additional sound dampening through the optimum insertion depth when emptying the container

  • Special designs for bulky and large-volume packaging waste

  • Optional extras: Partitions for 2 and 3 chamber systems, sound insulation, special flat for textiles, large opening for LVP/residual waste, paint finishes

  • Other openings or partitions can be easily fitted with little work

  • Optional: Depot container 3.2 m3 – non-assembled/boltable: Reduces the transport volume by 70%, rapid and easy on-site assembly, damaged parts can be replaced individually, special designs are compatible with existing depot container systems


Brochure Depotcontainer EN

Brochure Depotcontainer EN

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