Fashion Logistics


Problems of conventional storage systems
Conventional storage systems are limited by the restricted number of lifts. This results in bottlenecks during storage and retrieval. As a consequence, the number of transfer spaces is restricted and the processes can only be decoupled along the horizontal and vertical axes to a limited extent.

However, increasing performance through the use of shuttles in the aisles creates major bottlenecks on the conveyor loops in the pre-zone. Sequencing is only possible through the use of additional and subsequently installed sequencing systems.

That is why we developed the 3D-MATRIX Solution®: with this patented solution, SSI SCHAEFER takes automated storage systems to a new level. The modular concept provides highly dynamic system solutions for storing and picking individual articles, cartons, layered trays, and pallets.

The flexible and revolutionary innovation
The matrix consists of three key system components: Shuttle vehicles, lifts, and conveying systems. The shuttle vehicles work on the x-axis in the depth of the storage channels. Lift systems provide vertical transport on the y-axis. The conveyor systems handle the horizontal transport on the z-axis and supply the goods directly to the connected picking or dispatch work stations. All movements which the transport devices carry out within the storage facility are consistently separated on the x, y and z-axes. This enables them all to be carried out in parallel.