Marktsektoren: Branchenlösungen für Ihre Supply Chain

Flexible, Modular, Scalable and Sustainable Intralogistics Solutions

Across all industries, the new shopping reality is increasing pressure to install high-performance e-commerce and omnichannel logistics that can deal with order fulfillment tasks in a way that delivers a successful shopping experience for customers.

The primary and cross-industry focus is on

  • solutions for handling heterogeneous product assortments

  • 100% delivery capability even during spikes such as “Cyber Days” or “Black Friday”

  • short cycle times as well as high transparency for the customer

  • efficient handling of smaller delivered quantities as well as single-item orders and the processing of prioritized premium orders

  • zero-error picking

  • fast, as well as cost-optimized, returns processing

  • government regulations, such as weight restrictions for order picking

  • ergonomic factors, as workforces age and an attractive work environment can also solve the problem of skilled worker shortages.