Sustainably expandable logistics solution

Existing material handling systems, processes, and material flows should be maintained from a sustainability perspective. "In addition to the optimal usage of existing premises, it was a matter of planning the expansion in a way that ensured it could take place during active operation. It was vital that our business wasn't impaired at any point," says Harald Horstmann, outlining one of the most significant challenges of the project.

The project was executed in three steps:

  1. To be able to implement the planned expansions, the order start in the old system first had to be transferred and automated extensively.

  2. Then the direct conveying system connection to the fully automated high bay warehouse was established for both the existing and future storage and picking systems.

  3. The third and most important project step was finally the construction of the shuttle warehouse including the accompanying work stations.

"Together with the VVA, we primarily implemented the physical integration and tests in combination with the new system at weekends and we did the same for the construction, the renovation, and the addition to the conveying system, too," recalls Martin Nagler, Project Manager from SSI SCHAEFER.