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Brick and Motar businesses going E-commerce? Higher demand for Cold Chain logistics? These are probably the most recent researched upon topics and what do they share in common - fulfilment and distribution deviating from the standard strategies. How should a business pivot and prepare its logistics operations with the right technology and equipped the employees with the knowledge to grow the business through this “New Normal”?

Find us at LogiSYM Asia Pacific 2022 – “Transforming Logistics, Intralogistics & the Supply Chain as We Emerge into the “New Normal”. Our experts will be sharing how to integrate the right amount of automation into the business to keep up with productivity, and what today’s logisticians need to know regarding costs reduction for logistics operations

Thank you for visiting the event page. LogiSYM Asia Pacific 2022 is over, however you may download the presentations shared by Mr. Brett Thirup and Mr. Carsten Spiegelberg here.

Topic: Evaluating challenges and solutions for multi-channel fulfilment. Download the presentation here.

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Topic: The Big Chill - Efficient Solutions for Deep-Freeze Warehouse Operations. Download the presentation here.

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