Intralogistics Trends

A diverse spectrum of social and technological developments will shape the future of intralogistics. SSI SCHAEFER presents an array of trends and innovations that everyone involved with intralogistics needs to know.

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Make Warehouse Safety A Priority

As warehouses look and feel safe, it is so easy for warehouse employees to be lulled into a false sense of safety. Unlike shipyards or construction sites, the potential for life threaten accidents appear limited.

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Using Automation with a Robust WMS Helps Adhere to Cold Storage Regulations

Operating one with additional requirements can further complexities that companies need to manage as they ensure product quality and adhere to regulations. For many manufacturers, retailers, and third parties, these complexities continue to be a challenge as the market expands.

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Responding to Challenges of Changing Retail Environment

The emergence of Internet and mobile technology is changing the way we live and shop. From Brazil to Vietnam online shopping is gaining traction. The rise in millennial spending power is accelerating the pace.

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Putting Intelligence into Intralogistics

The Warehouse Management System (WMS) is the backbone of modern logistic distribution.

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Overcoming Space Constraints

Gone are the days when warehouses are cavernous buildings in obscure locations of interest only to people who work in them. Today warehouses are hot attracting the attention of many, from young entrepreneurs to industrial property giants.

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Online Grocery Shopping On the Fast Lane

It is well acknowledged within the industry that of all the products, grocery is more challenging to manage. Not only are there many more items per order as compared with electronics, apparels, toys or books, the demand placed on e-groceries is also higher. The products they have to handle are often bulkier and heavier, the margins are lower compared to other consumer products and some are perishables where losses are incurred due to product damage or product expiry. On time reliable delivery is therefore critical in ensuring customer satisfaction.

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How can you maintain customer loyalty with automated fulfillment systems?

Promotional sales, discount codes, loyalty cards, and free shipping are the latest trends in retailers vying for e-commerce consumer spend. However, there is another opportunity even of greater importance to get right—customer experience.

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Why Visibility Across all Facilities is Key in Warehouse Management

Not knowing can be a nightmare, but all too often, it’s the case in a manual environment. Couple that scenario with multiple manual facilities, and you have double the frustration. Without a system in place, it is difficult to track inventory and even more so to accurately forecast what’s needed to fulfill orders in the pipeline. With a warehouse management software (WMS) solution, inventory accuracy and traceability is a given. However, there are several features that you need in order to ensure a smooth operation.

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Preventing electrostatic discharge in intralogistics

Plastic containers play a critical role in moving materials from A to B. However, most plastics are insulators, and do not readily conduct electricity.

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Intralogistics 4.0

In the case of Industry 4.0 (or the Fourth Industrial Revolution, as it is more commonly known outside Germany), it is legitimate to ask how much is genuine innovation, and how much is simply clever marketing.

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Pallet Racking 101

Easily the most widely used storage equipment in the industrial world, pallet racking system can be found in most warehouses and manufacturing facilities. By stacking up pallets in an organized and efficient manner, it ensures goods stored within the warehouse are readily accessible.

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Adding Intelligence to Warehouse Operation with IOT Enabled Devices

The Internet of Things (IOTs) is changing the way we live and work. With smart aircons, lights and vacuum cleaners, which can be remotely controlled from the mobile, you can come home after a day at work to a cool, clean place.

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Quantifiable Measures to Monitor DC Performance

You can’t manage what you don’t measure may be an old management adage but it rings true even today. What quantifiable measures should DCs track?

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Innovative Integrated System for Omni-Channel Distribution

Anyone who has tried to manage order processing for B2B and B2C from a single DC can appreciate the complexity. Requirements for B2B of B2C order fulfilment are so different.



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Industry 4.0

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