Intralogistics Trends

A diverse spectrum of social and technological developments will shape the future of intralogistics. SSI SCHAEFER presents an array of trends and innovations that everyone involved with intralogistics needs to know.

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Make Warehouse Safety A Priority

As warehouses look and feel safe, it is so easy for warehouse employees to be lulled into a false sense of safety. Unlike shipyards or construction sites, the potential for life threaten accidents appear limited.

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Using Automation with a Robust WMS Helps Adhere to Cold Storage Regulations

Operating one with additional requirements can further complexities that companies need to manage as they ensure product quality and adhere to regulations. For many manufacturers, retailers, and third parties, these complexities continue to be a challenge as the market expands.

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Online Grocery Shopping On the Fast Lane

It is well acknowledged within the industry that of all the products, grocery is more challenging to manage. Not only are there many more items per order as compared with electronics, apparels, toys or books, the demand placed on e-groceries is also higher. The products they have to handle are often bulkier and heavier, the margins are lower compared to other consumer products and some are perishables where losses are incurred due to product damage or product expiry. On time reliable delivery is therefore critical in ensuring customer satisfaction.

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Why Visibility Across all Facilities is Key in Warehouse Management

Not knowing can be a nightmare, but all too often, it’s the case in a manual environment. Couple that scenario with multiple manual facilities, and you have double the frustration. Without a system in place, it is difficult to track inventory and even more so to accurately forecast what’s needed to fulfill orders in the pipeline. With a warehouse management software (WMS) solution, inventory accuracy and traceability is a given. However, there are several features that you need in order to ensure a smooth operation.

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Preventing electrostatic discharge in intralogistics

Plastic containers play a critical role in moving materials from A to B. However, most plastics are insulators, and do not readily conduct electricity.

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How can you maintain customer loyalty with automated fulfillment systems?

Promotional sales, discount codes, loyalty cards, and free shipping are the latest trends in retailers vying for e-commerce consumer spend. However, there is another opportunity even of greater importance to get right—customer experience.

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Intralogistics 4.0

In the case of Industry 4.0 (or the Fourth Industrial Revolution, as it is more commonly known outside Germany), it is legitimate to ask how much is genuine innovation, and how much is simply clever marketing.

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Responding to Challenges of Changing Retail Environment

The emergence of Internet and mobile technology is changing the way we live and shop. From Brazil to Vietnam online shopping is gaining traction. The rise in millennial spending power is accelerating the pace.

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Putting Intelligence into Intralogistics

The Warehouse Management System (WMS) is the backbone of modern logistic distribution.

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Innovative Integrated System for Omni-Channel Distribution

Anyone who has tried to manage order processing for B2B and B2C from a single DC can appreciate the complexity. Requirements for B2B of B2C order fulfilment are so different.

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Adding Intelligence to Warehouse Operation with IOT Enabled Devices

The Internet of Things (IOTs) is changing the way we live and work. With smart aircons, lights and vacuum cleaners, which can be remotely controlled from the mobile, you can come home after a day at work to a cool, clean place.

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Pallet Racking 101

Easily the most widely used storage equipment in the industrial world, pallet racking system can be found in most warehouses and manufacturing facilities. By stacking up pallets in an organized and efficient manner, it ensures goods stored within the warehouse are readily accessible.

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Quantifiable Measures to Monitor DC Performance

You can’t manage what you don’t measure may be an old management adage but it rings true even today. What quantifiable measures should DCs track?

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Overcoming Space Constraints

Gone are the days when warehouses are cavernous buildings in obscure locations of interest only to people who work in them. Today warehouses are hot attracting the attention of many, from young entrepreneurs to industrial property giants.

Shuttle system Cuby mit storage handling device

Shuttle System For Improved Warehouse Performance

Fast and efficient, the shuttle system is a welcome addition to the modern warehouse. This innovative technology increases speed, accuracy and throughput in warehouses and distribution centres quite significantly.

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Emerging Uberization in Warehousing

The sharing economy is gaining ground, as owners are putting their excess capacity to good use, whether they are cars or rooms. So successful is the business model that the word uberization, after pioneering car sharing platform Uber, has been incorporated into the modern lexicon. Collins Dictionary defined uberization as the adoption of a business model in which services are offered on demand through direct contact between a customer and supplier, usually via mobile technology. The logistics industry could well be next.

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Different Strokes for Different Folks

I’m into my fourth decade in Asia and the region has continued to excite me with its dynamism. With almost continuous growth over the last 50 years, this continent of 4.4 billion people has become richer faster than any other region of the world. And we have every reason to expect it will continue this upward trajectory. There may be the occasional blips, like the 1997 Asian Crisis. But as the crisis reveals, Asia has the tenacity and the capacity to pull through and forge ahead.

Schäfer Miniload Crane - Stroage and Retrieval Machine for totes, cartons and trays

3D Warehouse System for Today’s Retail Environment

For years the standard warehouse systems remained the same – the racks are aligned vertically, and pallets, cartons or totes are transported by storage and retrieval machines or lifts to the front of the warehouse for retrieval.

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Optimal Use of Warehouse Space With New Gen Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs)

Automated vertical lift modules (VLMs) were developed in the 1980’s specifically for small to medium parts storage rather than the lighter commercial applications of the vertical carousel.

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Improving Warehouse Efficiency

It is a challenge confronting warehouse managers everywhere: How can you improve your warehouse efficiency?

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Weasel® system receives the IFOY Award 2016

SSI Schaefer’s Weasel® automated guided vehicle (AGV) was presented with the IFOY Award 2016 in the “Intralogistics Solutions” category on the first day of the CeMAT exhibition in Hanover.

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Joining in the Fight against Fake Medicine

The pharmaceutical industry is subjected to a web of rules and regulations governing the patenting, testing, safety, efficacy and marketing of medicines. Keeping track of the developments can be a challenge.

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Small Parts Storage Made Easy

Storing small parts or products can be challenging, especially when the number of SKUs a company has to store run into the thousands. Thankfully, a comprehensive range of shelving systems supported by software is now available to meet different requirements and price points to help companies store and organise small parts for easy retrieval.

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Warehouse Automation Gains Traction

The e-commerce boom is the biggest factor driving growth. E-commerce sales have spiked, whether it is Asia, America or Latin America, while same store sales have remained largely stagnant.

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ROBOTS – New Addition to the Warehouse Workforce

What are the qualities of robots that have made so valuable to man? How are they being harnessed to help our industry work faster and smarter?

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Time to Stem The Rot In Food Losses

Global food losses (wastages) have remained high. It is estimated that a third of the world’s food produce is lost through improper handling. For emerging economies like India, Indonesia and China, the figure is even higher. In few other sectors do we see waste on such a scale.

Pallet Racking with fork lift truck

Surviving an Earthquake

Earthquakes occur far more regularly than you realise: There is at least one earthquake somewhere in Asia everyday. Thankfully most passed without any incident, because they were small, occurred deep beneath the earth’s surface or in some remote corner of the region. But once in a while a nasty one strikes causing widespread death and destruction.

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Changing Distribution Centre in a Multi-Channel World

While we are all too familiar with how the Amazons and Alibabas have changed the face of retail, less known is e-commerce’s impact on the distribution centre (DC). As retailers shift to a multi-channel marketplace it is changing the DC, from the location to order picking to the choice of technology.

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Rack Reconfiguration – Dos and Don’ts

Daunting though it may be rack reconfiguration may be necessary with changes in product and SKU mix or with expansion in businesses. What was suitable when the racking system was first configured no longer applies and continuing to use it without making necessary changes may result in less than optimal warehouse performance.

Customer Service & Support 4.0

Scaling Up Capability In Response To Stronger Storage Demand

So what can we expect for 2016? Here are some thoughts on what this year will bring for the economies within Asia and the impact on the industry we are in.

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Getting to Grips with Order Fulfilment in Online Retail

However you choose to look at it, the online retail market is big and getting bigger. Whether you are in US, Europe or Asia, annual online retail sales are in the billions, and growth is in double digits. According to a recent Forrester Research forecast sales in Asia’s top five online retail markets – China, Japan, South Korea, India and Australia – could more than double in five years to US$858 billion in 2018.

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Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), Conveyors or Autocruisers

Distribution centres (DCs) are scaling up in size with some of the largest of on-line fulfilment centres being over 1 million sq. ft. Trying to navigate these behemoths is a struggle without the requisite automation. From rumblings on the Internet from disgruntled staffers, we gathered that some order pickers have had to walk over 15 kms. in a single shift. They have our sympathies. It is exhausting and not terribly productive.

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Zeroing In On TV Home Shopping

While TV home shopping has some similarities with e-commerce, the requirements are quite different. E-commerce fulfilment is complex as companies have to wrestle with multiple products pick to very small orders, with delivery made within tight timelines.

Mobile Racking System ESX

Optimising Cold Stores

Across the region, dedicated cold storage facilities are being planned. With growing demand for refrigerated space to store a multitude of products, ranging from pharmaceuticals to perishables, it would seem to be a wonderful business opportunity for companies to consider.

Pallet Racking with fork lift truck

Making The Warehouse A Safer Place

Making The Warehouse A Safer Place

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Combining Standard Warehouse Solutions to Address E-Commerce Challenges

E-commerce has taken the world by a storm. eMarketer estimates that business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce sales of products and services will hit US$2.36 trillion by 2018, an increase of 91% over 2013. More than a third of the sales will be generated in Asia, as more new buyers come online.

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Automated systems: higher investment now, bigger savings in the long run

It is proven that automated storage and order picking systems both improve storage and operating processes in Distribution Centres, while also delivering substantial savings.

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Why piece and case picking technology save cost

Goods to Person picking system, at SSI SCHAEFER Singapore Tech Center

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Storage Systems in Asia: Then and Now

How time flies. We are approaching the end of yet another year. I like to pause to reflect on the past – where we were and how we have developed since as an industry in Asia.

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Black Friday: Profit or Punishment? My view on how to make the most of it

It’s that time of the year again when our bank accounts take a hit as we go on the hunt for festive bargains. Businesses promote their best deals of the year and many of us find it impossible to resist, driving us to order vast amounts of selected lines in a very small period of time.

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Preventing Rack Collapse

Rack collapse has occurred in less spectacular fashion across the region in warehouses from storing of fast moving consumer goods to spare parts. What are the causes? How can we take preventive measures? As installations become increasingly higher and larger, it has become even more important for us to understand the causes and take preventive measures as the repercussions of a rack system failure are very serious, with the risk of personal injury or even death both for the warehouse operators as well as their customers.

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Thumbs Up for Conveyor System

Since the first conveyor belts were installed in mines over 100 years ago, they have become essential to modern manufacturing and material handling. Henry Ford revolutionised mass production when he incorporated powered conveyor belt in the assembly line at the Ford motor plant in Detroit in 1913. It helped to speed up the assembly of individual units, making it possible for Ford to produce cars faster and more cheaply than ever before.

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Outlook of SSI SCHAEFER Asia in 2012

SSI SCHAEFER enjoyed a growth of almost 25% in 2011, with all markets performing to or above budgets, the company’s 2 factories ran at 100% capacity producing a total of 38,000 metric tons of steel.

Customer Service & Support by SSI SCHAEFER

Tracking Warehouse Performance

‘You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure’ is an old management adage, but it still rings true today. It is almost standard practice for companies to measure sales, customer service and financials. What about a warehouse? A warehouse performs a critical function whether it is part of a company’s operation or a profit centre, and it should be subjected to scrutiny.

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Ergonomics in Action

As ergonomics seems to go hand in glove with another ‘e’ word, expensive, the mere mention of the word is sufficient to strike fear in the hearts of some warehouse executives. It doesn’t have to be that way. Ergonomics is a science concerned with understanding the interactions among humans and other elements of a system, such as jobs, machines/tools, environments and organisations. Put into practice, it contributes to human safety, security, comfort, and the maintenance and improvement of health. .

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From Man to Goods to Goods to Man

After much hesitation, companies in Asia are beginning to adopt automation in the warehouses. While some automation in the warehouse to improve the order pickers’ lot may seem like a no brainer, as order picking is time consuming, Asian operators have preferred to rely on manpower.

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Facing Up to Asia’s Manpower Challenge

Ask any warehouse manager, “what is the most difficult cost to control?” and the answer will invariably be manpower. Manpower costs form the largest chunk of a warehouse’s operating expenses. With the recent spike in wages across the region, from Cambodia to China, that percentage can only increase.

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Cool, Efficient Storage System

With its sleek design and clean lines, the vertical lift emanates positive vibes. Unlock it and you find trays upon trays stacked up in layers right to the top. With the touch of a button, the automated storage system designed on the tried-and-tested Ferris wheel principle swings into action.

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Frabelle Cold Storage: Moving up with mobile racking

With more food products and other perishable goods entering the country, the importance of cold storage providers has never been greater. With that comes the need for these providers to expand their facilities, and improve existing ones, to further serve their customers’ needs. Despite the increased costs that expansion entails, we are still seeing new facilities go up around the country, and equipment upgrades, like added racking, in existing ones.

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Raising to Challenge of Online Shopping

We have heard all about it – how e-commerce is changing the face of retail. As online shopping takes off, shops are emptying out and malls are experiencing lighter footfalls.

Customer Service & Support 4.0

2018 Look Ahead

At the start of the New Year, it is a time honored tradition to crystal ball gaze. Since we can’t claim to be soccer experts we shall leave prediction for the FIFA World Cup to those who know better and keep our piece to what we know best. Here’s our take on what we expect to see for our industry this New Year.

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3 Ways Automation Changes the Warehouse Labor Market

The warehouse labor market is evolving. Three Positive Changes from Automation.


Warehouse Safety Starts with Safer Packaging

While profits have traditionally been the top concern for businesses, safety and sustainability have become mainstream issues of focus for companies. However, both of these goals are achievable with reusable packaging. Now more than ever, manufacturers and distributors should examine how warehouse safety can be improved by utilizing reusable plastic packaging and pallets.

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Value of Time Automation

The unique thing about time is that we all need it, but regardless of how much material wealth we have—we can’t buy it.

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If you’re a mid-size or smaller company, you may be operating a manual or man-to-goods warehouse. And like any category of companies, while operating a manual warehouse has benefits such as flexibility and accessibility, it also comes with its own set of challenges.

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High density storage with rack supported warehouse

Erect the racks than wrap the skin around them, and what do you get? Right, a warehouse!
Known as a rack supported warehouse, it uses the racking system as the primary structural support. With no conventional structural columns, the walls and the roof are fixed directly onto the rack structure.

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Preventing Tianjin II

Since the fiery explosion at the warehouse in Tianjin on 12 August graphic images have been flashed across the world. The fire and subsequent blasts which destroyed scores of lives and property, and tossing a toxic mix of dangerous chemicals into the air, has also raised multiple questions: How did it happen? Why did it happen? Who is responsible? What chemicals were involved? How much chemicals did the warehouse have to cause the kind of damage which could be seen from outer space?



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Industry 4.0

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