LF LOGISTICS Switch to SSI LOGIMAT® for Semi-automated warehouse operation

LF Logistics switch to SSI LOGIMAT® for semi-automated warehouse operation

Logistics Service Providers that are jumping onto warehouse logistics automation are turning to semi-automated solutions such as the
SSI LOGIMAT® for storage and picking of small parts goods. One example is LF Logistics Korea, a subsidiary business of Fung Holdings Limited, headquartered in Hong Kong. Determined to provide the best customer storage experience and services to their customers, LF Logistics Korea was looking for storage methods that would meet a customer’s criteria in storing high value jewellery and accessories:

  • Secure and personalized access

  • Controlled temperature & humidity

  • Optimized up to 90% storage space

  • Handles peak management well

  • Reduced picking errors that results in high cost of returns

Semi-automated storage and picking process

The SSI LOGIMAT® has been proven effective for many SSI SCHAEFER’s customers worldwide, considered it as a tried and trusted all-in-one semi-automated storage and picking solution, it was an obvious go-to favourite for LF Logistics Korea first-step into warehouse storage automation.

Installed side by side, three sets of SSI LOGIMAT® are installed vertically, utilizing the vertical air space to minimize the footprint. Occupying an area of 14.13 m² each, each SSI LOGIMAT® is 8.15 meters high and 3.09 meters deep. Since each SSI LOGIMAT® is used to store different SKUs, multiple SKUs locations can be created in each tray and each VLM is able to handle up to 126 trays depending on the goods height and weight.

Software integration – Multiple stakeholders but 1 SSI LOGIMAT® server

The obstacles of warehouse operation upgrade, expansion or automation goes beyond software and system interfaces integration. With multiple stakeholders involved, such exercise may compromise the valour to automate from the start.

For systems interfacing with SSI LOGIMAT® server, even LF Logistics Korea finds it a breeze. Since SSI LOGIMAT® has a standard universal platform, it connects with different WMS or ERP systems.

LF Logistics Korea project took 45 days to implement, their system interface connects with SSI LOGIMAT® server directly so that lesser time is spent on IT implementation, keeping the installation timeline short and straightforward. “We improved the picking process by eliminating unnecessary steps in the warehouse operation”, said Ms Clara Jang – Head of business development, LF Logistics Korea.

Temperature and Humidity Controlled Environment

The temperature in the Vertical Lifts is controlled at under 25°C, relative humidity of 55% and lower. For the storage of fine accessories and jewellery, excess moisture can cause premature tarnishing which will affect the quality and the product lifespan. LF Logistics Korea also tighten the security access in the area. In this instance, additional security cameras are installed within the SSI LOGIMAT® compound.