Weasel Lite

WEASEL® Lite | RFID Marker Set 'Station NNN'

Contents of the package:

1 x WEASEL® Lite | RFID Marker Set 'Station NNN' (NNN = select desired station number)
1 x WEASEL® Lite | Adhesive protective foil - round (25 pcs. per pack)
Contents per station: 
1 x RFID tag for the corresponding station, 'fine positioning', 'turning left', 'turning right', 'request', 'new destination', 'delete destination', 'attention entry', 'entry', 'turning (group) left', 'turning (group) right', 'request (group)'

The 'WEASEL® Lite | RFID Marker 'Station NNN'' is required starting from the 31st station in a layout. An additional 970 pieces can be ordered if desired.
Please note that we manufacture these materials upon customer request and delivery times might be slightly longer.