Individual dispatch areas

The singling, emptying, closing, and staging steps are carried out in the individual dispatch areas with the highest precision.

Stacking ensures that unused containers are stored in a space-saving manner. The containers are returned to the system as soon as they are needed.

Destacking separates the containers stored in the stack.

Bin Emptying
Bin Emptying removes the packaging material from the containers. The containers are then transported back via the conveying system.

Bin Lidding
Bin Lidding seals the containers with covers after the picking process.

Lid Closing
Lid Closing automatically closes containers with folding covers (flaps). A belt conveyor transports the containers with open flaps into the unit. The cover flaps are moved into a vertical position by the shape of the side guides and then fall together, closing the container.

Tray Loading 
Tray Loading enables trays to be loaded with almost any type of goods. The goods come to a stop slightly above and next to the tray and are then pushed sideways onto the tray. The tray itself has to be equipped with an insert.

Tray Unloading
Tray Unloading separates the trays and the goods. The insert in the tray is raised via openings in the floor of the tray, enabling the goods to be pushed sideways off the insert.

Linear Tray Loading
Linear Tray Loading serves to load trays with suitable goods. The loading process utilizes two synchronized belt conveyors positioned at a steep angle above each other. The cartons slide onto the tray moving below without stopping.
Given their modular expandability, SSI SCHAEFER’s systems are highly flexible and can be integrated into all common conveying systems.