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Refreshingly efficient solutions for the food and beverage industry

In recent years the productivity demands on the food and beverage industry have risen significantly. Growing product diversity and constantly changing packaging makes handling using conventional block warehouses inefficient. This increases the demand for more efficient storage and picking solutions.

Solutions from SSI SCHAEFER:



  • Punctual provision of full pallets and picked pallets in the correct sequence for rapid loading onto trucks.

  • Move away from handling full pallets to mixed pallets holding both containers and individual products and bottles

  • Traceability and reliable processes

  • More deliveries from smaller, more frequent customer orders

  • Pricing pressure and delivery time

  • E-commerce and green logistics

  • Ergonomic picking workstations

SSI SCHAEFER’s industry specialists support you from your initial idea to the finished system, providing flexible and scalable solutions that significantly enhance your efficiency and productivity. Our technologies can handle every temperature range. In addition, we also offer you the right software for your manual, semi-automated and fully automated storage systems.

[---Image_alt---] Pallet conveying system [DAM:IMAGE:EN:1190]

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Efficient storage and picking solutions for the food and beverage industry.

[---Image_alt---] Pallet mobile racking system [DAM:IMAGE:EN:1759]

Mobile pallet racks

[---Image_alt---] Schäfer Orbiter System [DAM:IMAGE:EN:1108]

SSI Schaefer Orbiter® System

[---Image_alt---] High-bay warehouse with storage [DAM:IMAGE:EN:1242]

High bay warehouse

[---Image_alt---] Conveying system Kempf [DAM:IMAGE:EN:1432]

Pallet conveying systems

High-bay warehosue with storage and retrieval machine Exyz

Shelf-Retrieval Machines (SRM)

[---Image_alt---] Automated guided vehicles [DAM:IMAGE:EN:1166]

Conveying & Transport

Automated Guided Vehicles

Software Solutions for your logistics

Logistics Software WAMAS®


The right solution for every industry. SSI SCHAEFER’s expertise combines specific know-how with extensive experience to deliver tailored solutions.

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Expertise for every sector. The expertise of SSI SCHAEFER: specialist know-how and many years of experience in producing customised solutions.

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