Kempf: combination of manual and fully automated picking strategies

SSI SCHAEFER served as the general planner and developed one of the largest and most modern beverage transfer warehouses in Germany for the Edeka Südwest subsidiary A. Kempf Getränkegroßhandel GmbH. The facility in Heddesheim stores 2,200 different beverages. The logistics center supplies around 550 Edeka Südwest supermarkets, handling up to 160,000 beverage crates.

To enhance the efficiency of the storage and turnover process, SSI SCHAEFER manufactured a 17-aisle high bay warehouse along with a 6-aisle automated miniload system with tray storage. An electric overhead conveyor was installed for the internal transport. The depalletizing and filling of the pallet orders for the individual branches with fast moving products is handled by portal robots, supplied with complete pallets directly from the high bay warehouse. Other elements of the solution: Building construction including outdoor structures, construction planning, dynamic flow rack, picking systems, WAMAS® logistics software.