Benefits at a glance

  • Warehousing temperature-controlled fresh goods: Storage and processing procedures for product detection and tracking along with inventory management are carried out without conventional labeling using barcodes or transponders

  • Increased delivery speed due to the completely automated process (same day/next day delivery)

  • Minimizes personnel requirements thanks to automated procedures

  • Suitable for deep-freeze applications

  • Minimizes goods breakage or loss and the associated return shipments thanks to computer-controlled volume and static-optimized palletizing using robots

  • Processes 30,000 to more than 300,000 packages/day

  • Reduces energy and freight costs by making maximum use of the freight area and optimizing the route planning

  • Minimizes error rates during picking through the use of Machine Vision technology

  • Consistent transparency and traceability

  • SPPG: calculates the optimum packing pattern (volume-optimized, by product class)

  • Shop-friendly delivery

  • The packing pattern calculation can be flexibly adapted (usable for small to large picking factors and simple to complex products)

  • Can be easily expanded for individual processes and packing rules