Schaefer Pack Pattern Generator provides package formation for individual branches

In parallel, our Schaefer Pack Pattern Generator (SPPG) utilizes the information obtained with “Machine Vision” to process orders on the fly. The SPPG is a software module for our proprietary WAMAS® logistics software. This module ensures volume-optimized, sturdy package formation for individual branches. Using an intelligent package algorithm calculates the packing pattern for pallets and containers, and then defines the ideal packing pattern for the objects. The combination of robots, SPPG and WAMAS® guarantees you consistently high packing quality together with reliable, reproducible packing patterns. This results in a pallet perfectly compiled for the dispatch process that makes maximum use of the available volume.

Food wholesale, in particular, involves a vast spectrum of very different articles when picking and compiling order pallets. The SPPG handles this challenge with the intelligence of a comprehensive, high-performance IT system. This eliminates the sorting tasks at the branches.