SSI Case Picking: Perfect Combination of Modular Solutions

The case picking system solution was launched in 2008 for the automatic compilation of shipping units in the business segments and has been honored with several awards, including the renowned MM Logisitik Award (2008). SSI SCHAEFER continuously develops their wide expert knowledge in the Food Retail market sector.

  1. The SSI Case Picking receives entire pallets from suppliers at goods-in and transports them to automatic depalletizing using a conveying system or automated guided vehicles (AGVs). There, robots automatically unload the pallets either completely or partially layer by layer. For this process, state-of-the-art robotics technology is used to ensure gentle product handling.

  2. The layers of the retail units are then buffered individually in an automated picking warehouse. Here, highly dynamic single-level shuttle systems by SSI SCHAEFER are used.

    In case of higher performance requirements, the shuttle picking warehouse can be designed as a module of the SSI Case Picking system using the 3D-Matrix Solution®: The 3D-Matrix is a highly dynamic solution that enables storage, buffering and sequencing in one system. The temporarily stored cases can be handed over to the palletizing robot in the correct sequence.

  3. The intelligent modules of the logistics software WAMAS® by SSI SCHAEFER calculate the optimum compilation of retail units retrieved from the 3D-Matrix as they are automatically transferred to order pallets by robots. The pallets are transported to goods-out either by conveying system or AGVs from SSI SCHAEFER.