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Cut & Weld container

Cut and Weld for precision packaging  


The unique shape and size of many products also requires special container sizes. SSI SCHAEFER’s Cut and Weld containers provide the perfect fit. Depending on the specific size, whether large or small, segments can be either removed from the basic container or multiple containers can be combined using mirror welding to create a new container.

The containers are manufactured out of steel, polypropylene, or polyethylene. Upon request, the containers are also available with conductive material for electrostatic discharge.

Sturdy weld seam

When used for normal applications, the welded containers are almost as sturdy as SSI SCHAEFER’s standard containers. The weld seam has approximately 90% of the material strength of the container. The same also applies when ESD materials are used. Despite the weld seam, the container retains its sturdiness, stackability, automatic handling capabilities, and durability.

The design, engineering, and static work for the container demand exceptional care. We are happy to advise you regarding the options and sizes.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Production of containers specifically designed for your requirements

  • Made of steel, polypropylene, polyethylene, or an electrically conductive material (ESD)

  • High-strength containers despite welding seams

  • Comprehensive support

Palettisation of filled workpiece carrier

Small Load Carriers

Customized Packaging

Workpiece carrier made from PP for eight parts

Injection molded workpiece carrier

LTB container with vacuum-formed insert

Thermoformed load carrier

LTB container with custom made insert (milled baseplate with extruded pins)

Assembled inserts


Customized Packaging

Dangerous Goods Container

No elements available.

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