LMB container series with divisions


Exclusive storage lift functions provide compact, durable, safe, and ergonomic solutions 

The storage lift is equipped with numerous standardized functions. These eliminate the need for expensive expansions for additional options. The consistently modular design makes the SSI LOGIMAT® storage lift a scalable solution and a highly reliable investment. As
SSI SCHAEFER always utilizes high quality components such as the robust rack and pinion drive, the system is also distinguished by its minimal wear and low-maintenance requirements.

SSI SCHAEFER offers a broad range of options, including various exclusive solutions, to customize and expand the SSI LOGIMAT®​​​​​​​.

  • The LogiTilt tilting system for ergonomic removal of the goods and gripping depth reduction.

  • LogiWork enables the height of the delivery table to be adjusted to the employee’s height.

  • The LMB container series as partitioning accessories for a trade depth of 800 mm guarantees maximum use of the storage space