Achieving Success in E-Commerce

According to the National Retail Federation, e-commerce is expected to reach $632 billion by 2020. In order to meet these consumer demands, distribution methods must accommodate rapid fulfillment. Furthermore, e-commerce isn’t just for hard to find items. In fact, the top categories that have consumers clicking are jewelry, electronics, flowers and gifts, apparel, and now even CPG (consumer packaged goods) are in the mix. 

SSI SCHAEFER is here to help. No matter what product you need to fulfill, SSI SCHAEFER has a solution. From omni-channel distribution centers to accommodating high SKU volume and storage, SSI SCHAEFER allows your business to efficiently store, pick, and fulfill faster than your competition—giving you the edge to succeed.

Every business is different, but achieving success in a click-to-ship retail business can be tough. To achieve true differentiation, retailers must keep customers satisfied. Loyalty programs, faster fulfillment, variety in inventory, and the ability to return goods are all part of a comprehensive strategy. Increasing order fulfillment, order accuracy, and reduced labor can give you a competitive edge. That’s where SSI SCHAEFER can help.

Want to Master Apparel E-Commerce and Fulfillment? Start with Automation. 

It’s no surprise that e-commerce is changing the way retailers and wholesalers do business. In the rapidly growing retail fashion e-commerce sector, automation is the key to keeping pace within this modern economy.

Outdated distribution processes and low volume throughput can hamper any retailer wanting to compete in today’s market. In the current e-commerce environment, retailers are facing similar challenges in distribution:

  • Outdated Practices: While e-commerce is bringing a boom to business, traditional batch picking isn’t designed to handle the output online shopping and same-day shipping requires.

  • Growing Pains: Every company seeks growth, but scaling up processes can be costly. Getting customer orders through your current WMS and into shipping can cause stress—especially, if you don’t have the right technologies in place.

  • Quick Turnaround: Online shopping is popular due to quick order fulfillment. Traditional distribution systems can’t handle fast turnaround or are unequipped for this new consumer behavior.

  • Unique Choices:  Consumer demand for a greater variety of goods in stock drives the need for greater storage density of these items while keeping them easily accessible.

This is especially true within the competitive fashion and apparel industry. Staying ahead of the game doesn’t just mean being fashion-forward these days, it also means thinking about your warehouse and supply chain in a tech-savvy manner, and evolving it to handle higher throughputs. Labor market constraints and consumer expectations for same-day delivery options mean throughput must be achieved with better efficiency than legacy systems, while maintaining a fast response time

According to a study from MHI and Deloitte on Business Insider, over half of the supply chain and logistics industry state automation provides the competitive edge. Even more telling, at least 74 percent of respondents said they planned to automate over the next decade.

Automated Fashion Technologies

When required to handle goods on hangers, flat goods, shoe boxes and other items in a single warehouse, you need to implement the appropriate automated solutions for the greatest success. These can include:

  • Storage Modules: The 3D-Matrix Solution provides flexibility with automated storage modules that work together without interventions and set-up times.

  • Shuttle Systems: Single-level shuttles like the Cuby and multi-level shuttles like Navette allow for faster material transport.

  • Conveying Systems: Companies are using pocket conveying systems like SSI Carrier, modular systems like SSI Trolley, and even garments on hangers with SSI Single. Each system can be implemented to match your warehouse needs.

  • Order Processing: Using SSI SCHAEFER WAMAS software for waveless order processing allows for high throughput and fast and flexible picking.

Partnering with SSI SCHAEFER allows for customization and technologies combined with flexibility and scalability that fit your needs.