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Spring Clean Your Inventory: Reorganize Your Warehouse with Shelving and Bins

A Step-by-Step Guide for Optimal Warehouse Organization

Implementing new, efficient storage techniques can be exciting, but a little overwhelming. This step-by-step guide details best practices and techniques to help your warehouse run more smoothly using shelving and container bins to optimize organization.

Reassess Your Floor Plan

The foundation of any streamlined storage operation is an effective layout. When assessing your current floorplan, make sure the system is easy to follow for employees and inventory. Similar items should be grouped together. Consider storing top-selling items with one another to increase picker productivity.

Additionally, it is helpful to understand exactly how much storage area is available. Measure the total storage area of your warehouse by square footage and vertical height. Now you can better assess the products and systems available to help you maximize vertical space.

Identify Pain Points in Your Current System

Now that the layout of your warehouse has been assessed, take a moment to identify areas that are not running efficiently. Is your space utilization lacking? Could your inventory turnover be improved? Is the carrying cost of your inventory too high? These types of questions will help inform your decisions regarding the best shelving and bin systems to implement.

Choose Shelving and Storage Solutions that Fit Your Organization’s Needs

After gathering information on warehouse layout and pain points, you are prepared to select products to help optimize your storage and increase your organization’s productivity. Quality and quantity are paramount. Shelving and container bins from SSI SCHAEFER can help any organization make the most of their layout and solve for pain points – plus, SSI SCHAEFER products are durable, safe, and maximize vertical space.

Every operation has different needs depending on several factors. Size of an operation, the volume of products flowing through a facility, and industry are all factors that inform the best shelving and bin storage solution for a warehouse. SSI SCHAEFER takes all these factors into account, offering customizable shelving solutions to meet any organization’s needs.

Learn more about how these products can help reorganize your inventory by reading below.

Types of Container Systems

SSI SCHAEFER shelving and bin products help customers reduce errors and increase efficiency. SSI SCHAEFER offers a comprehensive range of containers and boxes for storage, picking, and transport spanning over 2,000 different types, designs, and sizes. Whether you need to store electrical parts, automotive accessories, or food, any organization can find the right storage or shelving solution to fit their needs.

Stackable containers with Euro Dimensions: SSI SCHAEFER offers polypropylene containers ideal for storage, picking, and transport. Base dimensions vary from 200 x 150 mm to 800 x 600 mm and are designed to match Euro pallets precisely. Fully stackable and featuring ergonomic grips, stackable containers are perfect for manual handling in workshops and warehouses. Additionally, they integrate well with both semi- and fully automated storage systems.

Trays: Automated miniload systems and conveying systems often require special trays. Trays from SSI SCHAEFER are designed to work with all load carriers. Made with plastic, steel, and cardboard with dimensions slightly smaller than the storage size for the system, trays from SSI SCHAEFER can help your organization to store the load carries directly, saving on additional transfer labor.

Folding Bins: Folding bins not only reduce volume but costs as well. With a fixed, strong top rim, folding bins from SSI SCHAEFER can be safely stacked. Reinforced ribs and double floor make them the perfect system or fully automated storage systems. Additionally, bins with ribbed floors are ideal for use with automated miniload systems.

Nested Containers: Nested storage and transport containers from SSI SCHAEFER provide an economical solution for your organization’s returnable logistics and picking. Designed to be space-efficient, these containers with rigid external walls come in three types:

  • Conical containers: These can be stacked with a cover or inside of one another when empty

  • Conical containers with clamps: These containers are easily stacked inside one another with stacking locks

  • Stackable swap containers: Stackable swap containers can be stacked with or without a cover. Additionally, they can be stacked inside each other when rotated 180°

Open Front Containers: Open front containers can be constructed of plastic or steel for stacking, storing, and transporting. Designed to quickly create warehouse orders, these containers are suitable for high bay warehouses, single or multi-level platform systems, or automated miniload systems. With an angled front opening for easy and rapid materials, open front containers from SSI SCHAEFER are the ideal solution for storing and staging small parts.

Stackable Transport Boxes: SSI SCHAEFER stackable transport boxes are available in a variety of sizes. Made of polypropylene, conductive polypropylene, polyethylene, and sheet metal, stackable transport boxes feature fully enclosed walls, sturdy stacking lips, and flat bases for the safest stacking and transport. SSI SCHAEFER stackable transport boxes made of sheet metal can beat loads of 250 kg.

Shelving Bins: Shelving bins from SSI SCHAEFER are ideal for small parts storage. Made of steel, polypropylene, or polystyrene, these shelving bins are designed to be suitable for SSI SCHAEFER static racks and easily integrated into other systems.

Special Containers: In some industries, products are awkwardly shaped and do not fit the standard dimensions available. Cut and Weld containers from SSI SCHAEFER are the perfect solution! Customized specifically for your organization, these containers are manufactured out of steel, polypropylene, or polyethylene and can even be made with conductive metal for electrostatic discharge upon request.

Shelving Solutions

SSI SCHAEFER also offers holistic shelving solutions to keep inventory safe and secure. Whether your operation is a single or multi-level facility, our products are scalable and flexible. SSI SCHAEFER has a shelving solution to fit your organization’s needs and integrate easily with manual, partially, or fully automated handling. As usual, all SSI SCHAEFER shelving products can be customized for your application! Read below for a sample of product offerings from SSI SCHAEFER:

Pallet Racks: SSI SCHAEFER has specialized in pallet racking for years – it’s one of our key areas of expertise. Pallet racks must be sturdy, safe, and scalable. Additionally, SSI SCHAEFER pallet racks are customizable for your application. The team of experts routinely provides customers with useful advice, preventive services, safety inspections, and annual rack safety training.

Mobile Pallet Racks: Mobile racks from SSI SCHAEFER are the perfect solution if your organization stores large or heavy items. Able to support heavy loads in a compact system, mobile pallet rack systems from SSI SCHAEFER also feature a modern control system so organizations can customize a system that works best for them. Mobile pallet racks are ideal for deep-freeze usage, featuring powerful electric drive and effective system configurations that perfectly integrate with deep-freeze warehouses.

Pallet Dynamic Flow Racks: The FIFO principle (first-in-first-out) is industry standard when it comes to storing perishable goods or batches that require monitoring. This type of storage is typically achieved using front loaders and reach trucks alongside manual pallet trucks. Dynamic flow racks rely on gravity, cutting out all electrical components and clearly separating supply and removal, improving the organization. Further, SSI SCHAEFER dynamic flow racks are easily integrated into fully automated warehouses.

Channel Storage Systems: Are you trying to maximize space usage and lower operating costs? Channel storage systems could be a perfect solution for you. Channel storage systems create a dense storage medium by setting multiple storage positions behind one another in channels. Versus other storage options like pallet racks or automated miniload systems, channel storage systems more efficiently use space.

High Bay Warehouse: High bay warehouses from SSI SCHAEFER guarantee maximum space utilization with quick and direct access up to 40 meters high! SSI SCHAEFER offers a wide variety of designs to meet the demands of nearly any application. High bay warehouses for pallets can store conventional pallets and small load carriers. Additionally, diverse storage options from single-deep to multi-deep solutions offer maximum flexibility for each organization’s specific requirements.

Each of the products covered provides an opportunity to reorganize your inventory and become more productive. Choosing new storage products for your organization is a large undertaking. The experts at SSI SCHAEFER are ready to help!

Contact SSI SCHAEFER for a conversation with a supply chain professional and learn how our products can be customized to increase efficiency and save costs for your organization.