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As with many public and educational facilities, libraries, and university laboratories must meet certain criteria when it comes to storage. Furthermore, certain challenges remain for these entities. High-value items, special volumes, and even equipment need to meet certain storage criteria.

With limited floor space, libraries, and educational institutions are faced with having to find more space without increasing the facility footprint. However, SSI SCHAEFER has shelving solutions that are engineered specifically to meet the operational demands that educational and public libraries need and provide high-density storage. Storage solutions include the SSI LOGIMAT®, which is a vertical lift module with quiet operation and secure storage. SSI SCHAEFER also provides mobile shelving, library shelving, storage systems, as well as modular shelving.


From archives to special collections, SSI SCHAEFER has a storage solution to meet your application needs.  SSI SCHAEFER has implemented numerous applications that include an array of unique requirements.


Store valuable collections using the SSI LOGIMAT®, the vertical lift module from SSI SCHAEFER. With the SSI LOGIMAT, a password-protected user interface secures tray access per user identity.  The SSI LOGIMAT provides additional library storage onsite or at a climate-controlled facility. In addition, trays are secure inside the SSI LOGIMAT away from light, dust, and debris to make archival storage a breeze.

Additional Inventory Space

Retail space on campus comes with a premium in costs, which makes solutions from SSI SCHAEFER cost-efficient. Regardless if it’s books, special order items, or college gear, a simple user interface allows for order lookup by SKUs or order numbers. Add the LogiPointer and enable error-free picking.

Document Storage

Store sensitive human resource documents, student files, or anything with a historical reference for safekeeping. Files boxes are easily stored within trays and can be accessed using password protection for specific records.

High-Value Items

Security is top of mind when high-value items are stored in inventory. Software from SSI SCHAEFER provides audit logs for access complete with time and date stamps.

Sensitive Equipment

Education departments often come with specific equipment requirements. Storage can sometimes be quite cumbersome and not always easy access. Storage solutions from SSI SCHAEFER remove barriers to access, ease of use, but with security when you need it.

This brochure is geared towards using the SSI LOGIMAT within libraries for

This brochure is geared towards using the SSI LOGIMAT within libraries for secure storage.

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