Automated guided WEASEL®

Duchess of Cornwall Visits Kamsons Warehouse Featuring SSI SCHAEFER WEASEL® AGV

SSI SCHAEFER provided an automation solution for Kamsons pharmacy, a family-run group with a wide presence all over the UK. The solution featured WEASEL®, an automatically guided vehicle for safe transporting of goods, containers, and cartons around the warehouse.

Recently the distribution center got an exciting visitor to test the solution in action – Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall.

Members of the Royal family are used to receiving gifts during their public duties, but how often are they delivered by a robot called WEASEL®? The Duchess of Cornwall was topped up with hand sanitizers and masks at the warehouse of Kamsons Pharmacy in Uckfield, UK. Camilla called the system a very impressive technology.

The WEASEL® AGVs drive to the operator and reduce the time of walking around the warehouse. The technology makes the whole process more efficient. The robots are self-driven and follow a magnetic track on the floor.

Kamsons is a family-owned firm that opened its first high-street branch in Uckfield 40 years ago. Today, Kamsons runs 77 pharmacies across the country and employs almost 1,000 workers. They’ve been on the front line of the pandemic delivering vital supplies to customers.

The automated solution helped Kamsons’ distribution center boost material handling and increase efficiency, which is especially needed for the challenging times the world is facing.

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