Finding an Omni-channel Order Fulfillment Solution within the Apparel Trade

Consumer behavior has completely changed the way apparel retailers, wholesalers, and design manufacturers have to do business. What once was an easy feat of building a distribution center to supply multiple storefronts doesn’t scale for omni-channel behavior. An increase in competition has retailers needing a greater variety of styles, sizes, and colors on-hand and ready for consumers—regardless of where or how they shop. E-commerce has completely changed the way consumers do business—and distribution has to match this new demand. With shoppers wanting items delivered fast and directly to their residence or ready for in-store pick-up, normal distribution channels aren’t working. Couple these new demands with high real estate prices and low unemployment, retailers and manufacturers are looking for ways to maximize existing square footage while decreasing the need for labor.

Working with SSI SCHAEFER for Omni-channel Order Fulfillment

Omni-channel distribution doesn’t have to come with constraints. Innovative products and technology from SSI SCHAEFER allow for simplification of distribution and create a systematic approach to omni-channel order fulfillment for the apparel industry. Whether it’s existing square footage or a completely new greenfield construction,  SSI SCHAEFER can work with your team to help find the perfect automation and technology solution.

Smaller to mid-size retailers or wholesalers may need a completely different approach than a large fashion department store. Whatever your situation, an apparel logistics expert from the United States market at SSI SCHAEFER will plan a tailor-made solution for your exact needs. The SSI SCHAEFER family brings years of experience along with the appropriate technology to meet your throughput, labor, storage, and fulfillment requirements.  In addition, SSI SCHAEFER plans for future growth. All engineered SSI SCHAEFER systems are designed to scale.