Everyday Food and Beverage Challenges met by SSI SCHAEFER:

  • Fast provisioning of full and picked pallets using the correct sequence for optimized truck delivery.

  • Mixed pallets handling both containers and individual products and bottles meeting consumer demand

  • Reliable traceability processes for regulatory guidelines

  • Handling of smaller and more frequent orders

  • Increased performance to meet delivery-times while lowering operation costs

  • E-commerce omnichannel applications for direct B2C ordering and fulfillment

  • Ergonomic workstations for picking

Industry specialists from SSI SCHAEFER provide support from an initial concept to a complete custom system that is both flexible and scales as your business grows. SSI SCHAEFER food and beverage solutions handle every temperature range and save on energy costs too. In addition, the right warehouse management software enhances performance and saves money by optimizing orders, labor, and even provides data insights using order history and unique customer profiles.