Grocery Store Aisle

Distribution Fulfillment System for Restaurants Chains that Suit Your Palate

SSI SCHAEFER partners with both local, regional, and multinational chains for distribution solutions. Our systems can provide both automated and semi-automated cold chain and ambient storage systems for an array of products. Furthermore, our systems can provide track and trace technologies that help track products from inbound all the way to the restaurant location for safety and security.

Software is a Key Staple when it comes to Food Retail Distribution

Challenges within the grocery and foodservice industry are fairly unique. Government regulations and scrutiny are commonplace and selected warehouse management software must adhere to specific guidelines when it comes to storing, picking, and track and trace functions.

Core warehouse storage principles for food such as FEFO (first expiration first out) and tracking batch, expiration dates, and lot numbers for both food, pharma, and OTC products are never a compromise. Furthermore, providing teach-in for supply chain goods-in products so mix case pallets are easily automated and distributed is of the utmost importance for tracking inventory, receiving the right product, and storing efficiently and accurately. Then, there is route sequencing for the most efficient delivery.

For online grocery sales, a solid WMS must meet the requirements to fulfill online orders with multiple pick-up and last mile delivery options and be as efficient as possible for an industry with thin margins. WAMAS®, from SSI SCHAEFER, delivers more than just food, schedule a consult today with a WMS expert and learn how WAMAS can move your food retail application towards an automated distribution strategy and even future dark store status.

Want to Get Started with Your Automated Fulfillment Strategy?

If you are looking at a greenfield facility or just looking to retrofit your current existing processes or need a micro-fulfillment solution, contact an SSI SCHAEFER grocery and food service expert. Our team has decades of experience in food retail and manufacturing, and SSI SCHAEFER knows the pain points and best practices on a global level. We’re happy to help and can do a complete system design or even consult when needed. We’re just a phone call or email away to get you started. SSI SCHAEFER has powered some of the world’s largest retailers and manufacturers' automated fulfillment, and we can do yours too. 

For even more information on SSI SCHAEFER Food Retail solutions, download the Cold Chain Best Practice Guide below!