Products for the Healthcare and Cosmetics Industries

  • SSI SCHAEFER offers manual-, semi-, and fully-automated picking systems.

  • Intelligent racking systems including static racks or flow racks.

  • Offer a wide-range of products for goods-to-person systems. 

  • Product and order verification using the Schäfer Scan Machines (SSM).

  • Handling systems for fast and efficient material flows.

  • High quality bins and trays—including antimicrobial containers.

  • Automated guided vehicles and robots for both picking and palletizing.

  • Serial number tracking through automatic data recording of each individual item.

  • Continuous inventory control and expiration date checking with automatic early detection when expiration date is approaching. 

  • WAMAS® warehouse management solutions for manual-, semi-, or fully-automated warehouses.

  • Secure and password protected vertical lift modules.