SSI SCHAEFER does more than manufacturer great quality carts. Our team of waste experts provides a variety of services to meet your waste management needs. Whether starting a new program or expanding an existing one, SSI SCHAEFER has everything you need for success.


(with or without RFID Tracking) Service includes offloading of carts at a customer provided staging area, assembling the carts, distributing the carts to designated addresses based on customer provided address list, and recording serial number and/or RFID tag in Excel format for delivery verification. Educational material provided by the customer may be attached to the cart during deployment, if required.

Schaefer can provide a cart maintenance and work order management plan for the duration of a service agreement. Our cart maintenance solutions cover all aspects of the daily, weekly, and monthly demands. We provide a turn-key solution that covers all phases of residential container logistics. This includes, but is not limited to, traveling to new addresses to deliver carts, traveling to individual locations to repair or replace carts, and retrieving lost carts. Should the cart body be damaged to the degree that replacement is not possible, we will collect the damaged cart, replace it at the home with another cart and return the damaged cart to a designated storage area for warranty inspection.

Delivery will include the entire assembly, delivery, serial number recording by RFID scanning, applicable GEO code (lat/long) recorded, and address delivery verification. Deployment crews will marry serial numbers by scanning RFID tags as they assign each cart to a specific address upon delivery.


Our WISTAR® technology manages mass deployment/distribution of roll-out carts. WISTAR® mobile hand held units make residential cart deliveries, route audits and inventory management in the field easy and accurate. Cart size, type, color, serial number, RFID number, and date of manufacture is captured. Customers have full visibility of A&D progress in real time via WISTAR® web based dashboard.

Allows customer to set-up and optimize routes and provides live tracking of carts and collection vehicles with on-time performance and driving information. Customer can see the exact cart position and RFID number with event tagging, including: date and time of pick-up, collection vehicle number, cycle time, etc. WISTAR® Fleet provides online route optimization of external pre-existing route data to ensure collection is being completed in the most efficient manner.

Schaefer will pick-up and/or dispose/recycle existing residential solid waste carts and cans (metal or plastic) in an environmentally friendly manner.

Depending on the value of regrind material at the time of purchase, customer will receive monies back per cart (freight covered by Schaefer). Schaefer guarantees the purchase of carts at the end of their useful life that meet the following criteria, and that carts will be recycled:
Minimum of 300 carts/truckload, stacked as originally shipped, must be available to initiate pick-up (Schaefer paid freight)
Carts must be injection molded, no rotationally molded carts are accepted
Carts must be free of debris
Wheels, axles and retention bars must be removed

Schaefer will provide a punch site with all available product and service offerings available on NJPA. A site we are currently managing product offering on is eStore-Connect Express through

Design Services: We are able to create In-Mold-Label and Hot Stamp designs based on customer requirements.
Mailings: We are able to design and distribute mailings to educate residents about the customer’s cart program.
Brochures: We are able to design, print, and distribute brochures and other educational materials with the carts during deployment.