Pet Food Fulfillment Material Handling Solutions

Having an experienced partner in pet food fulfillment and distribution is where SSI SCHAEFER excels.

Whether you’re a manufacturer or a retailer, or outsourcing to a 3PL provider, a successful pet food fulfillment and distribution operation requires collaboration, but also semi-automated and automated solutions to meet growing order demand and customer expectations.

SSI SCHAEFER material handling solutions, coupled with its WAMAS warehouse management system, delivers efficiency, flexibility, and scalability as your pet food fulfillment and distribution operation expands and e-commerce evolves.  

With a variety of pet food options from dry to wet to fresh, the SSI SCHAEFER racking and storage and retrieval solutions are ideal in any warehouse temperature zone, while accommodating the various sizes and weights of pet food packaging.

Let’s look at a few optimal SSI SCHAEFER material handling solutions to help achieve your pet food e-commerce strategies.  

- SSI Orbiter®

The SSI Orbiter is a semi-automated channel storage system that provides compact storage of large volumes with low item diversity. Channel access occurs with a channel vehicle for automated storage and retrieval, which eliminates the needs for aisles and maximizes storage. 

Ideally, each channel is stocked with a single item. For this reason, using the SSI Orbiter for pet food e-commerce works well for order fulfillment by allocating each channel for a separate product line. Movement of the channel vehicle within each storage channel occurs using a wireless remote control for ease of operation.

Depending on the material flow of your pet food fulfillment and distribution system, the SSI Orbiter can adapt to a first in last out (FILO) or first in first out (FIFO) model. Expand your pet food warehouse operation further by pairing various solutions with the SSI Orbiter for enhanced product picking.

The overall benefits of the SSI Orbiter for pet food e-commerce fulfillment and distribution are many:

  • Various pet food pallet types can be accommodated

  • Mixed FIFO/FILO operation is possible within the warehouse

  • Maximum efficiency with use of channel vehicles for multiple storage channels

  • Individual, scalable, and modular pet food warehouse layouts possible

  • High-level space utilization to minimize costs

- Pallet Automation

Pet food e-commerce necessitates a pallet automation solution that’s robust and agile. Omnichannel pet food order fulfillment requires storage efficiencies to meet demand from various channels—retail, online sales, and direct to consumer.

Here are two pallet automation solutions to consider:

- High Bay Warehouse for Pallets

A high bay warehouse, where heights exceeding 65 feet or 20 meters is necessary, provides thousands of pallet spaces for a variety of pet food products.

With multi-deep storage capacity and pallet cranes for retrieval of pallets to conveying systems for shipment processing, pet food warehouse operators have the greatest flexibility over their intralogistics solutions.

Overall benefits of high bay warehouse solution for pet food fulfillment and distribution:

  • Diverse pet food product storage options for the various package sizes

  • Space utilization with optimum usage

  • Expandable and modified systems as your pet food e-commerce strategies evolve

- Shelf-Retrieval Machines

An SRM solution for omnichannel fulfillment means rapid shuttle retrieval and transport of pet food pallets to picking stations for efficient shipment to customers.  

With single-, double-, or multiple-deep storage options, adequate pet food pallet inventory is possible for omnichannel fulfillment. Seamless integration to conveying systems completes the automated storage and retrieval system for maximum efficiency.

Overall benefits of SRM solutions for pet food fulfillment and distribution:

  • Optimum pet food storage density 

  • Flexible and scalable as your pet food storage warehouse evolves

  • Integrate an SRM with ERP systems or the SSI Schaefer WAMAS software for greater operating transparency and order fulfillment execution.

The future looks promising for pet food e-commerce with online pet food sales expected to increase over the next several years. And, pet food manufacturers and retailers should look to partners like SSI SCHAEFER for how to leverage intralogistics solutions to meet growing demand and customer expectations of pet parents.