Individual solutions

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Customized solutions for sustainable warehousing

Special requirements need special measures. This also applies when choosing the right packaging and containers. We are happy to assist you in the development of your custom packaging needs for your specific contours by offering solutions that protect your product all around during the entire logistics process.

Vision: Individual Solutions


✓ Special solutions for storage and transport

• Frequently, components or special products do not fit into a standard euro container because of their dimensions
• They are either too large or too small and may require specific protective measures to prevent external damage

The focus is increasingly on sustainability aspects when developing custom packaging solutions.

• The ability to return durable containers helps you to reduce overall waste and thus make an important contribution to the environment
• At the same time, you can also save costs on disposable packaging

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Customized containers for storage


✓ Customized packaging
✓ Special plastic solutions
✓ Special steel solutions

• Custom production of containers in the desired size and with the required properties
• Consulting, development and manufacturing from a single source
• Diverse options guaranteed: Thermoforming, injection molding, cut & weld, ready-made inserts, dangerous goods containers and much more

It makes no difference whether you offer large-volume goods, smaller goods, or even sensitive goods.

• Manufacturing of special containers and customized inserts for storage, picking and transport
• Both containers manufactured in the cut & weld process and individual inserts can be used in manual and automated processes alike

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SME Solutions

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Small parts storage

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Returnable logistics

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Efficient transport

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Modular shelving R 3000 with drawers, drawers with insert container made from

Saving time and growing

Pallet Racking with fork lift truck

Pursuing future prospects

Picking at SSI LOGIMAT in combination with SSI WEASEL

Successive partial automation

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