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The perfect entry into (partially) automated warehousing

As you continue to grow, it will be necessary to determine whether a manual warehouse solution can continue to meet customer expectations in the future. As a functional option, automation containers can be used universally and are designed for use on conveying sections or in automatic small parts warehouses.

Vision: Automation


✓ Map growth – from manual to semi-automatic or fully automatic handling

• If you doubt that this is possible, then you have to ask yourself what can be done to sensibly transform a conventional warehouse into a (semi-) automated system.
• In this context, you are already at an advantage if you are using containers that are suitable for manual and automated handling.

This requirement profile is also relevant from a strategic point of view.

• That is because a replacement or exchange would double the costs and be in conflict with the objective of establishing increasingly sustainable warehouse management

Images SME Brochure

Universal containers for automatic and manual storage


✓ Automation Containers
✓ Trays

• Automation containers are suitable for manual and fully automatic systems
• Designed for heavy loads
• Especially quiet to transport on conveying sections thanks to smooth floor
• Rugged floor properties ensure safety, also around curves
• Durable thanks to low wear due to smooth running surfaces
• Decrease in redundancy on load carrier level

Other core characteristics that automation containers fulfill:

• Low dead weight
• Heavy-duty design
• Maximum stacking safety

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