Efficient transport

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Efficient use of empty runs from return transports

Saving space and stacking safety also bring about gains in efficiency during external transport. But, as is often the case, the devil is in the details. Whether by truck or train – stable returnable plastic containers score points as an environmentally friendly substitute for carton-based transport packaging.

Vision: Efficient transport


✓ Time-saving processes and volume reduction at the warehouse/transport interface

• When rigid containers are delivered, the same space must remain available in the truck for return transport
• This makes inefficient use of the volume when returning empty containers Store deliveries in particular are challenging.
• After retrieving the goods at the destination, the used containers must then be returned
• It would be possible to deliver in cartons, but this alternative is neither sustainable nor efficient
• Cartons also cannot be stacked safely, posing a risk of injury that can result in damage to the goods

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Utilize transport capacity, guarantee stacking safety


✓ Foldable and collapsible containers
✓ Nesting containers

• You can choose between foldable, collapsible and nestable containers, increasing transport capacity
• High stacking safety is guaranteed during both transport within the company and external transport
• By saving up to 80% more space when handling empties, you can maximize the use of space during transport

These factors especially reveal their advantages during warehousing and transport:

• The dimensions of the easy-to-handle containers correspond to euro size
• To reduce volume, only a few, easy hand movements are required
• The heavy-duty space-saving containers are also designed for automated conveying systems

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