Model USD B is used for both standard bar-lock lifters or automated grabbers.



Get to know the USD Model B. Here’s a look at the finer details.

[---Image_alt---] B Cart Detail BODY [DAM:IMAGE:EN:3639]
  • Non-slip, textrued finish on corners for grabber traction

  • Smooth surface inside and out for easy cleaning

  • Injection molded for maximum strength and durability

  • One-piece high-density polyethylene (HDPE) construction

  • Built-in flexibility

[---Image_alt---] B Cart Detail LIFTBAR [DAM:IMAGE:EN:3632]
  • Rotating retention bar for less stress on cart body

  • Highly durable, in-molded bar support

  • Factory installed

  • Extra wall thickness in bar area for durability

[---Image_alt---] B Cart Detail LID [DAM:IMAGE:EN:3633]
  • Solid lid axle with a robust 3-point attachment

  • Overlapping lip for rain and debris protection

  • Inside barrier rim to seal in odors

  • 270° lid opening

  • Two ergonomic lift handles for easy opening

[---Image_alt---] B Cart Detail HANDLES [DAM:IMAGE:EN:3634]
  • Ergonomically designed hand grips for easy push and pull motion

  • Smooth surface with no protrusions

  • 2” x 5” opening for easy gripping

[---Image_alt---] B Cart Detail UPPER [DAM:IMAGE:EN:3635]
  • Reinforced, in-molded upper attachment for bar-lock lifters

  • In-molded support ribs for added strength

[---Image_alt---] B Cart Detail WHEELS [DAM:IMAGE:EN:3636]
  • Solid cold rolled steel axle, coated with Yellow Zinc Chromate

  • Lubricated maintenance free bearings

  • Manufactured using durable HDPE material for easy rolling motion

[---Image_alt---] B Cart Detail BOTTOM [DAM:IMAGE:EN:3637]
  • In-molded toe hold to ease tilting of loaded cart

  • 3/8“ wear strip for longer life

[---Image_alt---] B Cart Detail COLORS [DAM:IMAGE:EN:3638]
  • Available in an array of standard colors. Custom colors available upon request.

  • Smooth surface for hot stamping on lid and body

  • Customizable in-mold labeling (IML) on lid

  • RFID | Barcodes | QR Codes

  • Tamper-free embedded RFID tags

  • Comprehensive suite of WISTAR® asset management and fleet solutions


Residential Waste & Recycling Carts

USD M Carts

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Residential Waste & Recycling Carts

USD B Carts

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Residential Waste & Recycling Carts

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Medical Waste Carts

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