SSI SCHAEFER provides customers with services that truly make a difference. Programs like assembly and distribution create a value add service that saves both time and incorporates industry best practices. With SSI SCHAEFER experience and expertise behind your program, you’ll benefit from a well-developed process that’s proven. Our team of industry experts will guide you throughout the entire process—making certain that post-deployment is running smoothly.


An SSI SCHAEFER waste expert will consult with your team to provide recommendations. Fact finding and project timelines along with an initial project checklist are completed.

The planning phase consists of solidifying distribution list, confirming cart sizes, and confirming the number of carts per household. The delivery area and schedule are also validated during this phase. Manufacturing schedules and delivery schedules for staging are prepared and updated.

Project plan is fine-tuned with any final adjustments made in advance. Routes are validated and schedules are followed according to plan. Deliveries are made based on approved schedules and routes. Tracking of RFID locations with continuous updates continue the process.​​​​​​​

Delivery information is available to customers for reporting purposes. All reporting is available through either WISTAR® (SSI SCHAEFER asset management tracking software) or available as an Excel file.