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A diverse spectrum of social and technological developments will shape the future of intralogistics. As a key element of the value chain and one becoming increasingly reliant on digitalization, intralogistics has to address today’s challenges. Far more than that, it needs to stay one step ahead. That is why many experts describe logistics as setting the pace of the fourth industrial revolution.

On the following pages we present an array of trends and innovations that everyone involved with intralogistics needs to know.

E-grocery - intelligent solutions for individual shopping carts


Intelligent solutions for individual shopping carts
The rapidly growing sector of online retailing places a high demand on intralogistics for grocers. Constant cost restraints, the growing demand for order today and deliver today, along with the need for higher process efficiencies, mandate companies apply the dynamics of e-grocery to their supply chain.

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How to create a sustainable intralogistics and building infrastructure

When planning a new logistics building – and for retrofits too – green building and sustainability factors gain in importance. SSI SCHAEFER offers several green solutions. Moreover, the company offers further services from energy consulting and planning, certification and monitoring, and subsidy consulting. Johannes Zimmermann, Director Construction Management at SSI SCHAEFER, provides deeper insights in the following interview.

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Returnable containers

How volume reduction helps to reduce CO₂ emissions and what returnable container options SSI SCHAEFER provides.

Picking and Handling

Best Place to Work: Ergonomics Meets Efficiency

An activity is carried out efficiently and effectively when it comes easy and follows clear processes. In order to meet these requirements, as part of the ergonomics@work!® program, we implement special picking stations designed to motivate employees, promote peak performance and significantly improve ergonomics at the work station. Movements such as lifting and carrying are assisted with ergonomic pulling and pushing. This means optimization of workflows and work heights. The goal is to create “feel-good work stations” that feature intuitive operator guidance using intelligent communication and display systems. The solutions are specifically tailored to the customer’s needs.

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Sustainably Convincing Storage Machines and Shuttles

Everybody is talking about climate protection. Discussed in-depth in society and linked to global campaigns, the topic of sustainability is also increasingly becoming a decisive criterion in logistics to ensure whether the offered solutions are viable. This is nothing new for SSI SCHAEFER as the topic corresponds to the long-term view on Green Logistics that was firmly engrained at an early stage. This is part of our Think Tomorrow. philosophy according to which we plan logistics solutions that are tailored to our customers’ needs and continually optimized with a view towards long-term criteria - this is the basis of our success.

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Sustainable Logistics with and through IT

Intralogistics systems are becoming larger and larger and increasingly complex. Today’s computing power of a modern warehouse IT infrastructure is breaking new ground in terms of size and complexity, thus reaching dimensions that would have been unimaginable just a couple of years ago. In the following article Markus Klug, Team Leader Data Analysis & Simulation, explains how SSI SCHAEFER enables sustainable logistics with and through IT.


Predictive Maintenance for Sustainable Intralogistics

In the following interview, Elie Zita provides an overview of how digitalization has revolutionized customer service, guaranteeing maximized system availability and sustainability as a result of customized, predictive maintenance.

SSI Exyz C in warehouse environment

SSI Exyz C: Automating Pallet Racks at a Later Point

A new compact “C” assembly group is now available, completing the range of proven SSI Exyz storage-retrieval machines from SSI SCHAEFER. SSI Exyz C automates the pallet rack processes in existing buildings in heights of up to 13.5 m. Without any need to upgrade floor slabs or perform extensive modifications - implementation during ongoing operation is also possible. Learn more about the energy-efficient solution.

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Sustainable plastic containers

Interview with Dr. Armin Vogel: how sustainable plastic containers are produced and used in logistics over the long term.


Digitalization meets Customer Services

One Step Ahead for Permanent Availability

Automated Guided Vehicles at SSI Schaefer

Automation meets manual processes and vice versa

Learn more about how SSI SCHAEFER increases efficiency in manual or semi-automated processes with our AGV portfolio.

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SSI Mechatronics

In the area of SSI Mechatronics, SSI SCHAEFER applies a product-based approach to supplying the market. Our day-to-day business involves delivering intralogistics components to a general contractor. How this business sector works and the role that SSI SCHAEFER plays is explained by Arnold Lanz, Vice President of Hub Development & Integrator Business.



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Industry 4.0

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