Innovations and Trends in material handling and logistics

Automation made easy with solutions from SSI SCHAEFER

At SSI SCHAEFER, we are absolutely dedicated to our customers and strive to develop tailored and innovative solutions to address the challenges that you face in your business every day. Our broad spectrum of manual, partially and fully automated warehouse and logistics solutions serves to modify your warehouse system to meet your unique requirements. Combined, these solutions create a modular and integrated system. This system can be enhanced with flexible shuttle solutions, auto-guided transport, highly dynamic bag sorting systems, robot applications and customized picking systems to ensure efficient human-machine interaction.

Flexible shuttle solutions
Shuttle systems are a central element of modern intralogistics. These systems enable rapid material transport combined with short axis times. SSI SCHAEFER is one of the world’s leading providers of modular warehouse and logistics solutions. The portfolio spans a vast range of single and multi-level shuttles for pallets, trays, cartons and containers. Our shuttle systems are highly efficient for many applications involving highly dynamic, automated warehouses. They are predestined for use in warehouses with a vast range of articles.

FTS WEASEL® – the auto-guided transport system
WEASEL is the award-winning auto-guided transport system from SSI SCHAEFER. It is the ideal solution for automating transport tasks. This system can be integrated into almost any existing warehouse and provides safe and highly efficient transport of containers, cartons and hanging goods weighing up to 35 kg. It is also exceptionally flexible and can be connected to existing intralogistics solutions with minimal work.

SSI Carrier – the highly dynamic bag sorting system
SSI SCHAEFER has expanded its product spectrum for e-commerce and multi-channel of distribution. In the process, SSI SCHAEFER has developed an exceptionally compact and versatile overhead conveyor system for goods weighing a maximum of three kilograms. The innovative SSI Carrier System consists of the universal SSI Carrier for loads, a circulation and a buffer conveyor, diverters along with ergonomically optimized workstations based around the ergonomics@work!® concept for loading and unloading the carriers. These unify five functions into one drive system: transporting, accumulating, distributing, buffering and sorting.