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Sustainability in Customer Service and Support

In Customer Service & Support (CSS), SSI SCHAEFER translates the topic of sustainability by applying activities aimed at conserving resources, increasing energy efficiency, and lowering CO2 emissions. With these initiatives, innovative approaches are deployed with a wide portfolio of services. State-of-the-art technologies are of great importance. Especially services such as Predictive Maintenance, SSI Augmented Support, the SSI SCHAEFER Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), and retrofitting play a major role.

Predictive maintenance to conserve resources and reduce CO2 emissions

Predictive Maintenance refers to a preventive maintenance strategy. Preventive maintenance and repair measures derive by recording, analyzing, and evaluating system-specific data. Thus, maintenance is not performed until it is actually needed. This prevents unnecessary replacement of products and components that are in perfect working order. It also reduces the number of service calls and service travel, which contributes significantly towards conserving resources and reducing CO2 emissions.

Reactive support in real-time

The SSI Augmented Support includes a multifunctional, mobile real-time video communication system for efficient troubleshooting and repairs. With this service, SSI SCHAEFER not only offers improved reachability and response time but also an additional tool designed to reduce service trips and CO2 emissions. An on-site technician activates the SSI Augmented Support, which establishes a connection to the SSI SCHAEFER service center. The event is transmitted in real-time. Troubleshooting starts immediately once the connection is made.

Digital tools for maintenance services

The CMMS from SSI SCHAEFER also conserves resources. The tool allows for digital planning and control of all maintenance measures. All data and activities are digitally and centrally collected, evaluated, and visualized within the framework of sustainable maintenance and repair management. This avoids the need to print out maintenance schedules, logs, or reports. Digital data recording further allows evaluation and display of various dashboards. Major changes and trends are displayed for analysis.

Modernization to increase system efficiency

Lastly, sustainability is achievable with energy savings and greater efficiency - especially when performing a retrofit. When undergoing a warehouse modernization, SSI SCHAEFER brings its own- and third-party systems up-to-date with the latest technology. These upgrades extend the service life of the system. Measures include replacing obsolete components with units that are energy efficient, IT updates and system expansions.

Portrait Elie Zita

Predictive Maintenance for Sustainable Intralogistics

Elie Zita, EVP Customer Services at SSI SCHAEFER, on how digitalization revolutionizes customer service and guarantees sustainability.



In customer service, SSI SCHAEFER applies activities aimed at conserving resources, increasing energy efficiency, and lowering CO2 emissions.

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