Spare parts service CSS

Spare parts service

Spare parts service available around the clock in the SSI SCHAEFER workshop

Your round-the-clock spare parts service 

As a business partner, SSI SCHAEFER offers you comprehensive spare parts service around the clock and around the world. SSI SCHAEFER’s services include processing spare parts orders and deliveries, creating spare parts lists, compiling spare parts packages along with spare parts for peers. Our service specialists also handle the on-site installation of the spare parts.

You can order your spare parts around the clock via the SSI SCHAEFER web shop. The spare parts are then delivered within a guaranteed time frame and at fixed prices.

Scope of services:

  • “Minimum” spare parts packages contain the minimum essential parts for system availability.

  • “Recommended” packages include the spare parts and wearing parts required throughout the entire warranty period

  • Repairs 

  • Service portal/web shop with system-specific parts documentation

  • Discontinuation announcements with availability previews and alternatives

Benefits at a glance:

  • Create individually tailored spare parts packages

  • Organization and handling of spare parts management

  • Rapid processing and completion of spare parts orders

  • Global spare parts management with our international service branches

  • Spare parts packages tailored to the system’s specific requirements

  • Reliable life-cycle management for all spare parts and wearing parts

  • Service portal with online ordering and order archive


Brochure Customer Service and Support EN

Brochure Customer Service and Support EN

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