Logistics solutions for the fashion industry (apparel)

E-commerce has enabled rapid growth within the fashion industry (apparel) in recent years thanks to permanent product availability and quick delivery. The luxury of trying on clothing at home, coupled with free returns and low incentive pricing due to increased competition, have seen a drastic rise in the demands on internal material flows for both manufacturers and retailers.

Serving multiple sales channels vastly increases the complexity of the logistics processes. Modern customers expect far more than simply low prices. They also expect the best possible service in a timely manner.

Solutions from SSI SCHAEFER:


  • Storage of a broad multiple SKU product range

  • Rapid delivery after receipt of the order

  • Ability to deal with daily and seasonal peaks

  • Optimized returns handling

  • Efficient processing of very small orders

  • Minimize the number of product touches

  • Fast and accurate delivery

  • WMS IT system to handle multiple distribution facilities 

SSI SCHAEFER has developed a modular logistics system solution for the fashion industry designed to handle complex requirements. 

  • SSI SCHAEFER has the right software solution for all of your requirements ranging from manual to fully-automated solutions

  • Transparent monitoring and control functions

  • Perfect coverage of all logistical requirements

  • Optimum integration of our systems into your logistics processes

  • Visualization and dashboard solutions

  • Comprehensive support


The SSI Carrier is a modularly designed pocket conveyor used for hanging transport of different items like shoes, electrical devices, toys, household appliances, cosmetics and garments.

SSI CARRIER - The intelligent pouch sorter system

The intelligent and modular pouch sorter SSI Carrier is SSI SCHAEFER'S latest extension of their product range for eCommerce and multi-channel distribution. With this product SSI SCHAEFER developed a highly compact and multifunctional overhead conveying system.
The innovative SSI Carrier system impresses particularly by its flexibility in use. Accumulating, buffering, distributing and sorting are all facilitated with one single load carrier type. A performance of up to 10,000 load carriers per hour, low-maintenance operation and effective integration of returns excel the pouch sorter system.

Case studies from fashion logistics

Custom fit: solutions for the fashion industry

Automated Guided Vehicle WEASEL®

Case Study NextLevel Logistics

Case Study Stockmann

Case Study Stockmann

Automated guided vehicle by MoTuM

Case Study Longchamp

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From overhead conveyor systems to software for manual, partially-automated and fully automated warehouses.

Dreamwarehouse Signet Magic Quadrant 2021

Logistics Software WAMAS®

Case Study KNV



Manual order picking of barcodes with RFID scanner



SSI Carrier

Conveying & Transport

Overhead Conveyors


In the field of overhead conveying technology, SSI SCHAEFER offers two products that are suitable for handling goods on hangers, which are the SSI Single and the SSI Carrier technology.

The SSI Single is a system developed to transport and sort hanging goods, particularly for the retail and omnichannel business. After goods-in, the items are temporarily stored in the hanging goods storage area until needed. After picking, the goods on hangers are transported to goods-out where they are sorted by a sorting system.

The SSI Carrier offers the possibility to transport flat and hanging goods in one system and is particularly suitable for the e-commerce business. Flat and hanging goods can be fed into the system manually or automatically. With the matrix sorter, the system can be operated largely independent of the order size and allows sequencing of items even within an order. An optional dynamic buffer offers the possibility to handle returns or fast-moving items, store them temporarily and feed them into the matrix sorter fully automatically. Thus, the SSI Carrier is perfectly suited for special requirements in e-commerce. It combines a maximum flexibility with a short processing time and high sorting performance.

Compared to manual picking, picking with goods-to-person work stations can enable a picking performance of up to 1,000 picks per hour while reducing picking errors and improving inventory accuracy.

Our automated systems and the logistics software WAMAS® by SSI SCHAEFER enable effective order management to prioritize orders, which were received last-minute, and to ship them on the same day.

SSI SCHAEFER overhead conveying systems not only ensure gentle transport of hanging goods (and also flat goods using the SSI Carrier), but the space underneath can also be used for efficient storage and transport of flat goods. The SSI Carrier also offers a particularly space-saving solution with the possibility of a double-deck construction.

SSI SCHAEFER offers specially designed work stations for returns handling. In combination with the modular pouch sorter SSI Carrier, by SSI SCHAEFER, temporary storage, buffering, and re-inserting of returns are possible. After a check, returned goods that are in high demand are stored directly in the SSI Carrier. The goods are thus immediately back in the system and are fully automatically available for new orders and re-shipment at any time.

No matter whether your order profile changes on a regular basis or whether you have to deal with seasonal peaks that are high above average – SSI SCHAEFER develops and implements tailor-made, flexible and scalable systems that can be adapted to the growing demands of your company.


Expertise and system solutions for the industry

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Custom Fit: Solutions for the Fashion Industry

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