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AGVs for Small Load Carriers

Moving Small Load Carriers Autonomously - SSI Compact Load AGVs

Automated guided vehicles (AGV) can be flexibly integrated into individual warehouse organizations: from simple transport applications and point-to-point transport to the goods-to-person principle and full automation in an integrated overall system.

The compact class SSI Compact Load AGVs from SSI Schaefer is suitable for transporting small load carriers. Typically, the vehicles are used for picking and production/assembly environments to make transport more flexible.

The vehicles can be classified based on the functions listed below



Our WEASEL® is ideally suited for small load carriers such as bins, cartons or goods on hangers weighing up to 35 kg. Find out more.
AGV Compact


We offer the compact automated guided vehicle “Sally” in cooperation with our partner DS AUTOMOTION and it can carry loads up to approx. 100 kg. Sally handles various transport tasks and navigates independently through a room by using SLAM technology (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping). The large number of modular structures – from conveyor technology, belt or roller conveyors and rack units to customer-specific designs – enable the handling of different loads.
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