Automated guided WEASEL®


The WEASEL® auto-guided transport system from SSI SCHAEFER is the ideal solution for automating transport tasks and existing storage systems. Flexible and highly efficient, the WEASEL® guarantees the safe transport of your containers, cartons, and even hanging goods.

Naturally, you can also use the WEASEL® outside of warehouses. Its applications also include supplying production, for example.

The transport vehicles can be equipped for manual, semi-automated, or fully automated operation, depending on the customer’s requirements. Employees can supply a manual transfer station in advance, for example. The fleet controller handles the job of sending the WEASEL® to the corresponding station. The WEASEL® then automatically picks up the load carriers. A transfer conveyor makes the transfer process even more efficient. The conveyor has space for a large number of containers and is capable of buffering them and distributing them among the available vehicles in a dynamic process. In addition, it can also receive goods from the WEASEL® and transfer these to conventional conveying systems.


Flexible and highly efficient.


Auto-guided transport systems become an integral part of the solution portfolio for fully-automated intralogistics systems.


"Best of 2016” industry prize along with the IFOY Award in the Intralogistics Solutions” category.



In 2016, our WEASEL® auto-guided transport sytem received two awards: the “Best of 2016” industry prize along with the IFOY Award in the “Intralogistics Solutions” category. You will also profit from its highly economical, technological, and ecological benefits.


Flexible with no access restrictions - goods transport of totes, boxes and small parts.

In contrast to conventional auto-guided transport systems, the WEASEL® does not require numerous sensors or a complex control system. Instead, the WEASEL® fleet navigates along an optically designated lane. This lane can be applied quickly and easily and can also be modified at any time to match your requirements. The WEASEL® achieves speeds of up to 1 m/s on paths with a gradient of up to 20%.

WEASEL® systems are flexible, scalable, and can be integrated into existing intralogistics solutions without extensive work. The standardized control software can be installed quickly and easily. This also enables the system to be scaled up or down at short notice. The transport orders are generated by manually activated radio commands (stand-alone solution), third-party systems such as production machines with a PLC, or your material flow system. A fleet controller manages the orders and assigns them to the corresponding vehicles.

The energy is supplied via maintenance-free battery packs that can be recharged manually in a charging cabinet automatically via floor contacts. The WEASEL® can achieve operating times of up to 16 hours with one battery charge.

  • Gentle and safe transport of containers, cartons, and hanging goods (up to 35 kg)

  • System ROI significantly less than one year

  • Barrier-free transport solution with low space requirements

  • Conveyed material sequencing involves little work

  • Peak volumes handled with little work

  • Simple scalability

  • Diverse constructions for the best ergonomics

  • Personnel safety without extensive sensor equipment

  • High flexibility with regard to system adaptations and expansions

  • Easy integration into existing systems

  • Easy connection to intra-company material flows


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Brochure WEASEL EN

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