Practical Example - Netto: Semi-automatic distribution center

Pick by Voice, Netto

SSI SCHAEFER planned and implemented a 20,000 m² semi-automatic distribution center for dry goods for the Danish discounter Netto in Wustermark near Berlin, Germany. The high-bay pallet rack warehouse has approximately 9,700 pallet storage locations for storing the entire product range of a typical food discount store. Eight storage and retrieval machines ensure efficient processing. The composition of orders for Netto stores is carried out with entire pallets from the high-bay warehouse as well as picking pallets. They are made up of a semi-automatic picking area where storage and retrieval machines automatically place the replenishment pallets on gravity roller conveyors supplying them to the pickers as source pallets. When developing this area, special importance was attached to creating a bright, open and optically pleasant design of these areas. The components of the orders are compiled using low-floor order picking vehicles in the eight aisles of the picking warehouse according to the person-to-goods principle. The transport vehicles can accommodate two Euro pallets. The picking itself is carried out paperless using Pick by Voice. An electric monorail system and an extensive conveying system designed for both Euro and half pallets together with the logistics software by SSI SCHAEFER create a more efficient and economical flow of goods.