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Smart Robotics Solutions by SSI SCHAEFER

The digital transformation makes intelligent and high-performance robotics applications a central element in automated intralogistics.

Automation by using robots is an integral component of efficient modern logistics 4.0 applications.

SSI SCHAEFER offers a broad portfolio of robotics solutions for a range of applications on the market. The technologies are tailored to the requirements of our customers and solve typical problems and challenges in various industries.

As a leading global solution provider of modular storage and logistics systems, we implement individualized robotics solutions to make your logistics fit for manifold fields of applications: We offer you an extensive range of customized solutions – from palletizing and depalletizing to storage and picking – which can be smoothly integrated into your entire system.

The complete service portfolio of SSI SCHAEFER includes:

  • Robotics applications for piece picking

  • Gantry or articulated arm robots for storing, picking, depalletizing and palletizing of cases and layers

Robot technology is an essential core element of the Schaefer case picking system with its different levels of automation for the customized picking of product units. Robots are used for depalletizing layer by layer and for palletizing mixed pallets.

Every robot is only as good as the software it is controlled by. SSI SCHAEFER has comprehensive IT system expertise that gives it the required know-how in-house. The modules of the proprietary WAMAS® logistics software make robots more “intelligent” and fit for holistic logistics applications.

Robot Solutions for Special Applications

We use articulated arm robots as well as gantry robots for robot-assisted depalletizing and palletizing of tires, wheels, rims and furniture. Thanks to their special gripper systems, it is possible to avoid limitations in functionality and stability. We also implement customized solutions for production logistics in market sectors such as automotive, pulp & paper or chemicals, or the retail & wholesale market sector.

Smart robotics solutions facilitate continuous automation of your process chain and stand for high dynamics, flexibility and functional reliability.


  • Fully automated picking cell

  • More than 2,400 picks/h

  • The highest flexibility as products do not need to be taught in

  • Gentle product handling

  • No additional product data management

  • Two-stage image recognition system reads the position of the products in the storage container and controls the universal picking robot

  • Rapid return on investment

  • High picking quality and reliability

  • Low error rate

  • Short order fulfillment times

  • Relieves employees of monotonous procedures

  • Suitable for both fast moving and slow-moving products


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Piece Picking with Robots

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Depalletizing and Palletizing with Robots

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