Work Station

Goods-in Station

Incoming goods work stations form the interface between the internal and external goods supply. The goods are delivered, inspected, prepared for storage and then repacked in standard containers.

When the goods arrive they are transferred sideways from an electrically height-adjustable pallet station to the worktable. Their bar codes are scanned to record the data in the warehousing system with its graphical menu display. Then the goods are transferred to the storage containers. The containers are pushed onto a conveyor belt, which is positioned at the same height as the table, for transport to their storage location. An additional conveyor belt located above transports the empty cartons away. Integrated waste containers for plastic and general refuse, along with ergonomic, fatigue-dampening mats complete the incoming goods workstations.

High turnover, low stress

This workstation model is designed to reduce the stress on your employees, despite high goods processing volumes. The ergonomic optimization enables efficient warehousing of a variety of different articles with high performance storage placement while also ensuring the safest possible handling of products. The SSI SCHAEFER work stations can be adapted to the people who use them, not the other way round. That is why productivity increases of up to 20% can be achieved with our system.

Moreover, the SSI SCHAEFER incoming goods work station also offers you the additional option of putting returns back into storage more quickly.


  • Ergonomically optimized human-machine interface

  • Scissor lift table eliminates lifting at the workstation

  • Goods delivered directly to the work station on the pallet

  • Use of special mats at the standing work stations to reduce fatigue

  • Geometrical arrangement of the goods and the storage containers in the closest possible proximity

  • Sophisticated waste management (removal cycles) for disposing of carton (carton conveyor), plastic and general refuse (integrated waste containers)

  • Material flow is consistently gravity-led.

  • Visual software support for the storage process via appropriate menus with graphical displays

  • Additional functions implemented: returns storage for the pharmaceutical market

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