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Rack Safety Inspection

Rack system inspections for greater storage safety

On 1 August 2009, the standard EN 15635 “Application and maintenance of storage equipment” was published. In combination with the Industrial Safety Ordnance (BetrSichV), DIN EN 15635 governs the scope and procedure for inspecting storage facilities. Due to the fact that storage facility operators are responsible for ensuring safe operating conditions, they are also responsible for their employees, their storage equipment and the integrity of their goods.

SSI SCHAEFER’s rack safety inspection services minimize risks resulting from damaged storage facilities.

The following rack systems require inspection:

Officially certified rack inspectors

In-house, officially certified rack system inspectors have the technical expertise necessary to carry out qualified, expert inspections. The annual inspections consist of visual inspections carried out during operation. The results are documented, remedial action is outlined and undertaken where necessary and the storage facility receives an inspection certification. This verifies that the operator has implemented the necessary safety measures. Systematic inspections increase safety and reveal potential savings.

Benefits at a glance:

  • DIN EN 15635 governs the scope and procedure for storage facility inspections

  • Annual inspections during operation

  • In-house, officially certified rack inspectors

  • Inspection badge


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Brochure Customer Service and Support EN

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