SSI SCHAEFER Maintenance Philosophy

SSI SCHAEFER Maintenance Philosophy - the enhanced SSI Resident Maintenance®

SSI SCHAEFER Maintenance Philosophy (SMP) is an enhanced methodology for SSI SCHAEFER Resident Maintenance, ensuring that we provide “More than just a Service“ to our customers.

SMP core elements:

- SSI Resident Maintenance® team

- Engineering and maintenance best practice processes

- Integrated service tools and systems

SMP objectives:

- Support all of the system (business) requirements

- Exceedance of legal requirements in regards to health and safety

- Provision of planned, preventive and predictive maintenance to our customer systems

SMP benefits:

- SSI SCHAEFER is your specialist and becomes your trusted partner, which enables you to concentrate on your core business.

- Our team leads you through the process of maintaining your system throughout its life cycle.

- Our services are efficient and cost effective because we provide them from one source.

- Our proactive approach to support helps you improve the service provided to your customers, which maximizes the Return on Investment (ROI).

- We are able to provide agreed performance levels where required.

- We use a no surprises approach to reduce risks and outgoings and limit unexpected need for technical resources.

SMP process:

To ensure that our philosophy provides “More than just a Service” to each customer, we follow a process in three steps:

- Phase 1 - Service Design: Services are tailored to individual business requirements together with you.

- Phase 2 - Service Transition: Highly qualified SSI SCHAEFER employees prepare everything for the operation to go live.

- Phase 3 - Service Operation: Day-to-day practice of SMP and everything it stands for; We help you to run your systems as efficiently as possible.