PRO Wave

PRO Wave

PRO Wave is the resource-optimized waste and recycling container with a patented wave look

SSI SCHAEFER’s state-of-the-art production methods and modern injection molding machines enable the manufacture of innovative products. In keeping with our corporate strategy, SSI Schaefer emphasizes environmental protection, resource efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions. The resource-optimized PRO Wave waste and recycling containers from SSI SCHAEFER are manufactured with the minimum possible resources.

Design and ergonomics

Despite the optimized weight, the container is manufactured to be extremely sturdy and also has a convincingly unique wave look. Multiple injection points on the container die create an even and low-stress material distribution. In addition to environmental protection, ergonomics are also a major consideration with the PRO Wave waste and resource container: PRO Wave features a practical step and ergonomically angled handles on the cover which simplify handling. Overall, the optimized container weight contributes to protecting the employee’s health and enhancing their performance.

Diverse designs for diverse requirements

PRO Wave is available in various sizes between 60 and 240 liters and in a variety of different colors. The container includes preparation for fitting transponders and can be retrofitted for identification and weighing.


  • Resource-optimized waste and recycling containers

  • Full-length wave contour, special floor design, sides with complete surrounding profiles

  • Available with capacities between 60 and 240 liters

  • Made of high density polyethylene (HDPE)

  • Environmentally friendly thanks to state-of-the-art manufacturing minimizing raw material usage and CO2 emissions

  • Ergonomic handling

  • Exceptionally sturdy due to multiple injection points on the die (even and low-stress material distribution)

  • Low empty weight

  • Preparation for fitting transponders and can be retrofitted for identification and weighing

  • Proven SSI SCHAEFER quality: manufactured to DIN EN 840-1, 5 and 6, RAL seal of quality to RAL-GZ 951/1

  • Low where during emptying and filling


Broschüre PRO WAVE Perfect Resource - Optimised Bin

Broschüre PRO WAVE Perfect Resource - Optimised Bin

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