Why Is Effective Obsolescence Management Crucial in the Field of Intralogistics?

If materials, components, or products become unavailable, that can be a real problem for your processes. Obsolescence: when parts become obsolete and are discontinued; this cannot be avoided, but it can be managed! Our services include the replacement of discontinued items, to make sure you get the maximum benefit from technical progress.

Your benefits: 

  • We monitor the life cycle of all items; when one is discontinued, we act promptly to minimize operational disruptions. 

  • The Spare Parts Life Cycle Report in our web shop shows replacement solutions for parts that are no longer available. 

  • Normally, we identify direct replacements for discontinued items and deliver them to you. 

  • If a direct replacement is no longer possible, our last-order procedure notifies you proactively, to give you valuable time before a retrofit. 

  • We analyze your system and offer you a customized retrofit. To ensure a smooth transition, we guide you through every step of the retrofit process, either on site or via remote support. 

  • We’ve also developed a life cycle plan for every one of our software solutions, giving you time to plan and implement any necessary upgrades or updates.